The Strength of Sensitivity by Kyra Mesich PsyD

The Strength of Sensitivity by Kyra Mesich PsyD

The idea that there exists a wave of lightworkers on this planet—all of whom are busy working within society for the betterment of mankind—has been a feature of contemporary spirituality for the past couple of decades.

Several sources in many different fields of spirituality maintain that whole armies of spiritually-evolved, incarnated souls have entered our 3D experience specifically to help the planet to transit into a body of light. This may seem a little far-fetched but there is a lot of evidence available to support the idea.

Whilst it might appear at first sight to be a prestigious venture for those charged with the task of raising consciousness in our society it is in fact an extremely tough role to have to play.

One of the greatest challenges that light-workers face is in the sheer difficulty of having to deal with the dense emotional energies of humanity as a whole.

This is particularly the case for empaths – or those individuals who have a highly refined but also highly sensitive and overtly compassionate nature.

A Life -Changing Experience

In her book The Strength of Sensitivity holistic trainer Dr. Kyra Mesich, PsyD. explores the various causes of pain experienced by individuals as a result of their empathic and psychic characteristics.

Through holistic psychology Mesich offers new insights into the self-healing opportunities available for those struggling to stay spiritually healthy and balanced.

Mesich begins with a remarkable account of an experience that she had as a psychologist. She describes how she fell into a extra-ordinarily deep state of utter depression one evening and how she was unable, despite her best efforts, to come out of it.

The next morning, after fully recovering from the trauma she counselled a patient who reported having had exactly the same issues, with the same characteristics, as the author at the same time that she was experiencing them.

It was from this singularly bizarre event that Mesich started out along a line of research that has led her to understand more clearly the issues that confront empathic individuals.

Traits of Sensitivity

Mesich defines the various common traits or characteristics that highly sensitive individuals have. Some of these qualities reflect the deep emotional pain that empathic individuals take on when dealing with difficult people living in a troubled society.

On the other hand a common features of being an empathic person are that they are have extremely creative abilities with powerful nurturing capabilities – talents that often only come to the surface during their quiet and introspective moments.

A couple of these unique traits relate specifically to psychic skills and the acute awareness many lightworkers feel in response to the astral or etheric energies that surround them.

These qualities are based around a function that the author refers to as Empathic Sensitivity and she defines several of the ways in which these take form in her book as well as revealing the typical sort of environments in which they appear.

Sensitive Recalibration

Mesich also identifies many of the reasons behind the personal emotional issues and deep trauma that empathic individuals experience as a result of their sensitive natures – problems such as depression and anxiety. Here Mesich then offers her readers a number of exercises that empaths can take to protect their own sensitive spirits.

These include help in dealing with self-defeating thoughts, bouts of acute irritation, and any inability to challenge annoying situations.

They include the use of Bach flower remedies, dietary adjustments, meditation, mindfulness, quietude, self-acceptance, muscle-testing and visualisation techniques as aids.

The book ends on a positive note and with the author highlighting the immense benefits accrued from being an emotionally and psychically person.

As she states in her closing remarks;

Keen perception, creativity, intuitive senses, and empathy are strengths that most everyone in this world secretly covets whether they admit to it or not.

Our Review of The Strength of Sensitivity by Kyra Mesich PsyD

Empathic individuals, like other sensitive subsets of humanity; such as introverts, carers and counsellors, tend to shy away from life, close and prolonged interaction with others, and the challenges associated with emotional exchanges.

This is a pity because if the ideas produced in this book are correct then sensitives have a great deal to offer society.

For those readers who have become so used to hiding their true natures or who are scared of the health implications of displaying their unique talents this book will, I am quite sure, act as a key that will unlock the door to their own self-created prisons.

In short, this is a uniquely liberating book. It straddles the worlds of spirituality and psychology in a remarkably effective way.

Full of personal anecdotes, practical exercises and openly honest dialogue this was a read that carried me through from start to finish.

The unique insights that the author offers into into empathic affliction, compassionate depression and synchronous healing will resonate deeply with lightworkers, psychics, healers and carers of all types and for them I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

For everyone else I’d simply recommend getting hold of a copy and understanding the immense spiritual contribution, karmic readjustments and behind-the-scenes healing taking place on your behalf.