The Way of Rest by Jeff Foster

The Way of Rest by Jeff Foster

The path towards awakening and self-realisation is harder, longer and more dangerous than many give it credit.

One of the greatest obstacles to be faced along the way is in having to deal with the deep personal sense of loneliness and isolation that accompanies it at all times.

If you are one of those people who is truly struggling with the magnitude of the task in hand then you may gain a sense of comfort and support through the words of spiritual teacher and writer Jeff Foster

Rest is Best

In his latest book The Way of Rest Foster directly confronts many issues that emerge through spiritual work of any kind. Within its pages the reader is treated to nearly two hundred and eighty different artistic and creatively inspired commentaries on such topics as personal crisis, loss, heartache, feelings of unworthiness, distrust and death.

Some of these are constructed in a poetic form whilst others emerge from a simple strand of compassion which the author attempts to instil into his readers.

Arranged in eight parts the book draws upon the concept of ‘Rest’ as a common thread. Here the rest is used by Foster to suggest a state of personal resignation towards one’s condition or situation.

By taking this approach he enforces the principles of non-aggression towards all ailments. This, he suggests, helps the sufferer to transutate the crippling effects of even deep levels of emotional pain without becoming so identified with them that they bring you down and make life so unmanageable that it becomes hard to function.

As he himself advises. “…relax, Breathe. Come out of the drama.”

Our Review of The Way of Rest by Jeff Foster

There is little doubt from reading his book that Jeff Foster understands. – perhaps more deeply than others, the nature of many dark psychological aspects that reside within the psyche, call out for resolution and which express themselves through such deep emotional traumss as anxiety and depression.

By this we are not referring to clinical disorders. As unpleasant as these are to the sufferer they can be easily diagnosed and quickly treated using clinical methods. Instead the author references the dark malaise that often accompanies psychospiritual work and which is rearely ever simple to resolve except through determined and dogged self-application.

This is where the guidance – advice would perhaps be too strong a word in this sense, from the author can at least supply the necessary sense of companionship that is so necessary at times of deep inner transformation.

It might be a hard road that you are traveling but The Way of Rest by Jeff Foster can be the very companion that you require to have alongside you at such dangerous and difficult times.