The Witch’s Broom by Deborah Blake

The Witch’s Broom by Deborah Blake

The first known reference to witches flying on broomsticks dates to 1453, when it was referred to by male witch Guillaume Edelin. Since then, broomsticks, along with black, pointed hats, cats, cauldrons and flying ornaments, have become synonymous with witches and Witchcraft.

Despite the fact that broom traditions appear all over the World, there has been no authoritative examination of the broomstick or its uses in Witchcraft. At least, until now.

In The Witch’s Broom, Deborah Blake reveals the history of the Witch’s broom, its ritual use and practical application in magick.

The book begins with a look at broom basics. Starting with broom lore, it references broom deities before examining how the broomstick is portrayed in TV and movies.

Following on from this, Blake examines the basic material used in the crafting of brooms—namely wood—and stresses the importance of selecting the correct material.

As the broomstick can be central to a Witch’s magickal work, Blake gives advice on how to use consecrating oils and broom spells.

From the use of broomsticks in a ritual setting through to their application in protection, cleansing and healing, Blake shows how versatile this object is.

The Witch’s Broom includes inspirational commentaries and practical advice on the use of a broomstick from many prominent Witches and writers on Witchcraft.


For an object that is so entrined with Witchcraft, there has been surprisingly little written about the broomstick. Although tradition connects it with flying and questionable sexual practices, these are its less common uses in contemporary Witchcraft.

This book will take your understanding of the use of Broomsticks beyond urban myth. Through her practical approach, Deborah Blake demonstrates how, with a little imagination, a correctly constructed and consecrated broomstick can retake its place at the forefront of a witch’s Magickal arsenal.

Above all else though, this is a fun book, which many folklore historians will enjoy as much as hardcore practitioners of the Craft.

Whether you want to practice broomstick magick or discover more about this legendary witch’s tool, The Witch’s Broom is for you. A highly recommended and thoroughly enjoyable read!