The Witch’s Mirror by Mickie Mueller

The Witch’s Mirror by Mickie Mueller

The magic mirror, as an instrument of prophecy and as a tool for peering into the inner planes has re-entered popular culture during recent times.

As a mythological concept it often appeared in folk-tales and fairy stories – such as the 19th century German folk tale of Snow White and her egocentric grandmother, but more recently it has re-emerged within the stories of Harry Potter.

Witchcraft has, of course, had a long and deep heritage of using reflective surfaces as a tool for skrying. These have varied greatly in style and design over time but typical examples include mirrors from obsidian, polished alloys, reflective water pools and silver or blackened mirrors.

As well as being made from a variety of materials magic mirrors are also employed in a variety of occult uses; such as for divination, psychic protection, increasing power and for accessing the astral planes.

Exploring the Witch’s Mirror

In her book The Witch’s Mirror ordained Pagan minister and critically-acclaimed artist Mickie Mueller explores the history of the magical use of the mirror.
Within its pages she traces its integration into a wide range of occult disciplines – from its use by Dr John Dee for communicating with the spirits way back in the sixteenth century to its use by Victorian Spiritualists and from the magic of Franz Bardon through to its introduction into modern Witchcreft by writers such as Doreen Valiente.

Mueller also reveals several examples of the close connections that have historically and mythologically existed between deities and mirrors as well as cataloging their sacred connection and esoteric meanings.

As the book progresses it highlights the mirror as an important tool in the armoury of the modern Witch. She explores the different types of mirror on sale today along with their various qualities, manufacture and frames.

Mueller also states that once you have determined the right sort of mirror for your own particular needs and purchased it is important to learn the basics of their care and usage -all of which are covered in some depth.

Spells and Rituals

As the book unfolds so the subject of practical use of a mirror takes precedent. This begins with an exploration of a number of mirror washes and condensers. These are mostly based around the cleaning properties of vinegar with additional ingredients such as common herbs for cleansing, clearing and initiating the inherent power of the tool.

Later this is followed up by a look at how spells can be integrated into mirror work and the author includes several of her own to be used in a variety of magical situations. This is extended to explore the use of mirrors as a tool for increasing prosperity. This technique can be enhanced further still through the use of magical seals

Finally, Mueller closes the book with a look at meditation and mirrors, scrying and aura-gazing. In her conclusion she sums up how she sees the mirror as;

“… a tool to help us rediscover our own personal worth and our spiritual side, an object to inspire introspection like no other.”

Our Review of ‘The Witch’s Mirror’ by Mickie Mueller

The magic mirror is not often seen as a significant tool in the practice of Witchcraft but in The Witch’s Mirror Mickie Mueller changes the common perception of many Wiccans that it is a complex and challenging magical tool.

As it turns out this book is a fascinating account of the various facets of mirror work. The included spells are well laid out and the general enthusiasm for the subject by its author shines through the pages.

However, as much as it covers a great deal of ground as regards the use of a mirror in ritual work it does not include specific advice on how to develop the necessary psychic skills necessary for solitary scrying etc. using a mirror which I would like to have seen included. Whilst this to my mind is a somewhat significant omission from the book in all other regards this is a publication that few practicing Witches would want to be without.

With the addition of personal insights into the use of mirrors by various guest contributors and the inclusion of some delightful illustrations this makes The Witch’s Mirror a significant and important contribution to our growing and developing Wiccan traditions.