Turbo Metabolism by Pankaj Vij

Turbo Metabolism by Pankaj Vij

Pankaj Vij, MD, FACP has helped thousands of patients to lose weight and as a consequence to manage chronic health conditions. He has developed his own approach to these issues during the period since first practicing medicine in 1997.

Throughout this time he has formulated a health regime that he calls the Turbo Metabolism Program – one that specifically focuses upon diabetes and metabolic disease reversal.

Dr Vij has now made this program available to a wider audience through his book Turbo Metabolism:Preventing and Reversing Diabetes, Obesity, Heart Disease, and Other Metabolic Diseases by Treating the Causes< .

Root Cause of Chronic Disease

The author explains in the introduction to his book that “the final goal is to get rid of the things that make us fat, hungry, tired, and depressed.”

He opens his book by explaining how our body metabolism functions as an energy delivery system to all parts of the body so that we live a vibrant life – one that is also free from the chronic diseases that have come to plague modern urban society.

Furthermore, he also reveals the role that insulin, and glucose play in the body as well as the adverse effect that cortisol the stress hormone also plays in a system that is poorly regulated through poor diet and active lifestyle.

Remedies to Imbalance

Other than eating properly the author also recommends yogaand Ayurvedic medicine as a beneficial approach to a healthier physical body. On an ethereal level he also recommends another popular Eastern practice – that of Chakra work.

Food intake is naturally an important aspect to the Turbo Metabolism system. In this regard the author is strict in his irradiation of a wide range of popular food types. This includes dairy products, alcohol, red meat and refined sugar.

He also recommends increased water consumption proper and regular exercise, stress management proper and adequate sleep. The book also identifies a number of quite specific toxins that we need to avoid in order to stay healthy.

Turbo Metabolism closes with a look at supplements superfoods, good bacteria vitamins and finally concludes with a number of healthy recipes advice on how to follow an exercise program, list of glycemic foods and an index.


Everyday the challenge of staying healthy becomes a battle of increasing proportions. Just the task of avoiding poisons in our air and water supply is enough to challenge the strongest physique.

In Turbo Metabolism Dr Vij sets out the forces that strive to control our body and to lead it into degeneration. In this regard the battle plan of those factors that seek to destroy our health and replace it with chronic disease is set out for anyone to see for themselves – should they so wish to do, and many don’t – which leads to the concern that the author expresses regarding the decline in our society’s well-being

If you recognize the scenario and wish to fight back to regain your health and even reverse the effects of serious disease then you will find in Turbo Metabolism a clear yet authoritative exposition of the ways that decline in health can be reversed.

This is a book aimed at those who truly desire to understand what goes on underneath the hood. Whilst the author avoids relying upon complex medical terminology to explain the workings of some of the primary roles taken up by insulin in particular it does not avoid explains important bodily processes in a way that most medical practitioners would run a mile from

Turbo Mechanism is an encouraging read for those who would seek natural remedies for their challenges posed by the imposition by Society of poor health practice. To this end Dr Vij offers a powerful and permanent antidote.