Whatever Arises, Love That by Matt Khan

Whatever Arises, Love That by Matt Khan

A new spirituality has dawned, one that acknowledges your energetic sensitivity and unravels every burden by inspiring your deepest vulnerability to come out and play. This is a heart-centered journey of infinite joy and endless self-discovery, rooted in the beauty of compassion and anchored by the embodiment of your highest wisdom.

With those inspiring words author, spiritual teacher and highly attuned empath Matt Kahn opens his book of spiritual teachings – a book that compliments his work in his YouTube channel.

Whilst the teachings are fresh and the medium for their dissemination is still cutting-edge the message that Khan presents to the world us as old as time itself – love is the only answer.

From that adage arises the fundamental principal for evolving into a new spiritual conscious which is – whatever arises, love that.

Love as Your Guide

In his book Whatever Arises, Love That  Khan explains how the new paradigm of spirituality that he witnesses evolving and actively promotes is “…a love revolution that begins with you.”

These he sees as the natural extension of the evolution of mankind into a movement towards heart-centered consciousness and the process by which we can dramatically transform our relationship with the Universe, each other and ourselves.

The secret to achieving this is through love of oneself and by treasuring the heart more. This in turn “…provide(s) your body the much-needed permission to receive the highest vibration in existence that only love can deliver.”

Life as an Empath

Whatever Arises, Love That is effectively a collection of personal reflections by the author regarding his life and personal philosophies and in his book Kahn describes what it felt like growing up as a natural empath, and of the difficulties it brought him on many levels.

Later on he talks about his experience with spirit guides as a young child, including Jesus, Archangels and several other Ascended Masters.

Other topics covered include the connection between the ego and an over-stimulated nervous system, the impositions placed upon you by an overactive mind, the importance of the breath in spiritual work and the clearing of karmic agreements.

Awakening Expectations

In the final segment of his book Khan takes a look at the awakening process as it is commonly experienced today. This includes the process of Kundalini unfoldment and cellular blocks that impede its rising.

Here the author embarks upon a call to arms – to all evolving souls to move into their own truth and as a result to help humanity and the planet to ascend.

As he says “Now is the time to come out of hiding and let tour voice be heard by confessing your true nature as the glory of divine innocence in human form.

Our Review of ‘Whatever Arises, Love That’ by Matt Khan

In a world that is currently over-populated by run-of-the-mill, self-appointed, grandiose, so-called ‘spiritual teacher-preachers’ it is extremely refreshing to encounter the genuine article in Matt Khan.

Whatever Arises, Love That is a book that educates, informs and initiates its reader in to what it really means to be a spiritually evolving individual in this era of energetic evolution.

It is a book that works on so many levels – not only as an entertaining account of the author’s life and spiritual experiences but as a commentary on the metaphysics involved in the practice of self-love.

To my mind Khan is not only an exciting and dynamic writer, teacher and spiritual guide for many but is one of the very few people to have actually engaged closely with the Ascended Masters and to have actually come away with something new to say which is genuinely interesting and worthy of our consideration.

An import book for our time!