Witchy Mama by Melanie Marquis and Emily A. Francis

Witchy Mama by Melanie Marquis and Emily A. Francis

For most women pregnancy is a period of intense introspection and self-examination. It is a time when the gestation process takes its natural course and a dramatic new alignment to the more natural rhythms of life begins to take over within the psyche.

However, in many regards the perspective that Wiccan mothers have during pregnancy can be even more intense for the spiritual basis upon which they form their lives invariably leads to an even more complex set of decisions when it comes to bringing new life into this world.

The Witches Way

In their book Witchy Mama, Melanie Marquis – the founder of United Witches Global Coven, and clinical massage therapist Emily A Francis, share their unique perspectives on child-birth, child-rearing and child-development with reference to modern spiritual practices.

The book begins with a chapter devoted to the magickal practices of conception and fertility enhancement – mainly guidance for those who find becoming pregnant a problem.

Once pregnant the challenges faced by every new mother in coming to terms with the physical and emotional changes that carrying a new-borne infant are then covered with advice on yoga practices and visualizations.

This is such an emotional period in any woman’s life and in taking advantage of this the authors offer further advice regarding the opportunity for pregnant women to connect with, and embrace, their deeper maternal instincts.

A Magical Birth

With further preparations ready for the big day; including practices such as meditations and breathing techniques, the authors argue that the process of helping a new life into this world can be considerably eased.

From that point foreword the book deals with the practical issues surrounding baby care – all from a spiritual perspective. Here the authors introduce specific forms of magick related to such mundane tasks of childcare as bathing, bedtime relaxation, mealtimes, as well as focussing upon making the child’s home both etherically safe and as physically comfortable.

Return to Normality

From focussing primarily upon a young child’s needs the book then returns its attention back to the needs of the mother. Here they offer advice on how to expand a reader’s psychic skills as well as strengthen their intuitive abilities so that they can better adjust to the needs of the new-born child.

In addition the authors also offer advice to post-pregnant mothers on how to re-engage with their own sense of sensuality and feminism with exercises that are aimed to restore one’s love life after child-birth, essentially beauty tips and guidance on restoring any romantic leanings!

As the child gets older the authors suggest ways in which it becomes possible to introduce a little magick into the life of the youngster; as well as ways to enhance their psychic gifts from the earliest age.

Witchy Mama then closes with more practical advice – this time on how to balance life as a parent with the personal demands and inner needs that accompany any mother at this time.

Our Review of Witchy Mama by Melanie Marquis and Emily A. Francis

Goodness me, this is a book that was so clearly forged at the anvil of motherhood.

Both contributing writers have clearly taken some time to think carefully back upon their own pregnancy and time of early motherhood and have carefully considered the complexity of issues, challenges and demands that emerged for them during this time.

What is so delightful about reading this book is the sheer sense of grounded practicality with which they approach motherhood; even from a higher, spiritual perspective.

The result is that Witchy Mama is a book for those who wish to get deep down and dirty with the process of motherhood; including its build up, as right as they possibly can.

The book does highlight the vast amount of work that needs to be done in order to set the ground right for a magickal emergence of a new life into a Wiccan world but throughout the book the writers offer much solid practical advice and solid spiritual advice to anyone who simply wants to engage with a less-material framework for the young in their care.

In short this book is a handbook on natural magick in its purest sense and is one that I feel will inevitably lead a mother and her child into a vastly more colorful and exciting world than the one offered by our currently drab and clinical society.

Clever and exceedingly well written this is a publication that promises great things and over-delivers throughout.

Highly recommended!