Woman Most Wild by Danielle Dulsky

Woman Most Wild by Danielle Dulsky

A communal subterranean yearning for wild woman spirituality is drumming beneath our feet, and this longing has been born of the feminine’ spiritual starvation.

With those profound words artist, teacher, and writer Danielle Dulsky reveals the essential message contained within her book Woman Most Wild.

So what, you might well ask, is ‘wild woman spirituality’?

In Woman Most Wild Dulsky explains that it is essentially a living, breathing tradition that can be found deep within Witchcraft. She states that it is energised by a deep sense of freedom, sexuality and inherent sacredness which is currently dormant within the feminine psyche.

Dulsky believes that traditional Witchcraft – and particularly the modern variants, lack this essential energising dynamic.

She explains:

Deeply rooted and malicious weeds strangle many seemingly feminist traditions, and rigidly organised Witchcraft is no exception to this unfortunate, often unnoticed reality; hierarchy, greed, control, and ego-born power will compromise the best-intended and most compassionate spiritual paths.

With that as an introduction to a book you can be quite certain you are in for an interesting read!

Authentic Spirituality

Taken as a whole Woman Most Wild is Dulsky’s very vocal expression of her deeply held belief that women have been robbed of their spiritual power. In her book she proposes that their reclamation of wild spirituality is a way back to their expression of a more authentic expression of the divine feminine.

For her, wild spirituality consists of “practices and understandings that acknowledge the untamed, holy, and spiralling qualities of the natural world as living within all beings…”. In this she clearly aligns the deeper aspects of the feminine psyche to the cycles of life.

In her book Dulsky offers her readers guidance on a number of magical ways through which a closer connection to the heart of Witchcraft can be made. She sub-divides them into to three keys, or groupings, composed of various techniques, rituals, and practices that she has formulated for initiating a personal alignment with all natural forces.

These include a number of practical exercises. Some of these call upon traditional aspects of Witchcraft; such as the Lunar cycles and the three phases of Womanhood. Others reference Eastern disciplines such as meditation, chakra work and yogic practices.

There is also a strong emphasis on various strands of Lunar Magic in the book and some related to seasonal changes and their celebrations.

Finally, Dulsky closes her book with advice to those who are involved with the process of awakening into wild woman spirituality and how they can organise themselves into strong and effective councils through which to strengthen their connect to the tradition and help, nurture and support those who seek out the powerful archetype of the true inner feminine.

Our Review of Woman Most Wild by Danielle Dulsky

Today’s politically hijacked feminist movement will, one day, implode in on itself. At that point its current members will then have to wake up to the terrible realisation that they have been conned by their own kind into believing a completely false paradigm.

Then, and only then, will the true dynamic of women’s power begin to shine — thanks mainly to a new form of feminine spirituality as revealed by writers and teachers such as Danielle Dulsky.

If you are inclined to think of Witchcraft as a somewhat cosy and safe form of spiritual reverence then in her book Dulsky sets out to disavow you of that belief.

Whilst it contains a great deal of practical help it is not a traditional workbook or manual of Wiccan practice per se. It holds no truck with outmoded structures or reference past glories and throughout focuses intently upon self-empowerment — in fact it is a call to those dallying at the fringes of sacred femininity to wake up and get real.

However you view it this is a book with balls — though I am not sure that is quite the correct term to use here but you get my drift. The writing style itself is penetrative without being aggressive — descriptive without being flowery.

In fact it is a highly enjoyable read with the author’s enthusiasm and love for her Craft shining through with a message that is both powerful and convincing.

Those who feel that the current mode of New Age Witchcraft is watered down and lacklustre will simply revel in Dulsky’s inspiring and colourful expose of a more authentic form of self-empowerment. Woman Most Wild draws upon a tradition that continues to remain defiantly dormant but which, one day, has to rise back to the surface to remind us all of what truly resides beating within the true heart of Witchcraft.