Animal Frequency Oracle Cards by Melissa Alvarez

Animal Frequency Oracle Cards by Melissa Alvarez

The Animal Frequency® Oracle Cards is a 44-card oracle deck that was specifically designed by Melissa Alvarez to accompany her book Animal Frequency.

Melissa Alvarez is a bestselling, award-winning author who has written ten books and nearly five hundred articles on the subject of self-help, spirituality and wellness.

She is a professional intuitive coach, energy worker, spiritual advisor, medium and animal communicator.

What is Animal Frequency?

Alvarez is particularly knowledgeable on the subject of animals and their spiritual components. As a child she was brought up on a farm and enjoyed its close connection to nature.

Later on in life, as an energy worker, she became interested in the underlying energetic patterns held by all animals — hence the coining of the term ‘animal frequency’ as a way of referring to their specific energetic footprint.

About the Oracle

The Animal Frequency Oracle Cards feature 44 animals. These are divided into 24 wild animals, 10 domestic animals and 10 mythical animals.

The author explains in her book that they have been specifically designed to enable their user to “connect with your Energy Animals on a regular basis” through acting as focal point in readings and consultations.

About the Cards

Each card displays one example of an animal; although insects, birds, mammals and reptiles are also featured throughout the deck.

Beneath the image each card includes its meaning with reference to two specific aspects to the animal , etc., on display. These features the ‘talents’ that it has on offer and the ‘challenges’ that it brings to us.

On her website Alverez speaks more about her oracle cards.

“Connecting to the frequency of animals, whether in person, through the Animal Frequency® Oracle Cards or Animal Frequency book is a wonderful way to ground yourself and find balance through the interconnectedness of nature.”

“Our lives are often so busy that we forget we are part of the whole. Animals help us reconnect to Universal Energy through their messages.

“Using this deck, you can discover the sheer joy and power that connecting to your Energy Animals can bring into your life. They can guide you, heal you, bring you messages, teach you, and open your mind and soul to the Universal Energy within them so you can make their energy your own.”

In addition to the primary cards the deck also includes additional cards that offer guidance on how to use the Animal Frequency cards, information about the author, and additional notes regarding mythical animals.

Our Review of the Animal Frequency Oracle Cards by Melissa Alvarez

Please note that our copy of the Animal Frequency Oracle Cards was supplied to us by ts publishers in a clear-topped, metal case along with a carry pouch for the cards.

This was an impressive and somewhat different form of packaging from the usual card box but potential purchasers should be advised that subsequent editions of this oracle may or may not be available in the same attractive format.


Each card is attractively presented and includes some impressive illustrative photo images of each animal. They are a decent size for shuffling — typical of the size found in most tarot decks, and have been printed on high-quality, strong card stock.


Whilst the accompanying instructions contained in this deck regarding how to use these cards is rudimentary the information, or energetic qualities, described on each card are markedly comprehensive.

Its designers have managed to cram quite a lot of detail into a relatively small space.

Particularly noteworthy is the depth of interpretation being offered with each one seeming to have honed down the essential characteristics of each animal quite effectively.

Overall Impressions

My general thoughts regarding this oracle are generally favourable. It’s nicely presented and the range of animals, etc., is fairly extensive. The descriptions are, as I have already noted, very impressive and whilst as a matter of necessity they only include keywords the accompanying book to this oracle Animal Frequency (which we have reviewed independently here) adds additional information should you require it.

Summing Up

The Animal Frequency Oracle Cards are a handy, although stripped down contraction of the author’s main work. (This deck contains 44 examples of the nature kingdom whilst the book features 181 of them)

So if you feel attracted to this oracle then I would perhaps suggest that you consider both book and the cards together for whilst they serve slightly different purposes they do enhance each other in significant ways. Otherwise this is a great introduction to understanding both the quality of the energy and significance of the meaning of the messages that animals so often bring into our lives.