Lenormand Oracle Cards by Gina di Roberto

Lenormand Oracle Cards by Gina di Roberto

The Lenormand Oracle Cards is a 36-card fortune-telling deck based upon the popular Lenormand divination system.

Originally published in 1828 as a 52-card deck, it was later revised to produce this trimmed down version of 36 cards—more popularly known as ‘Petit Lenormand’.

The deck includes the standard 36 cards along with a small booklet that describes the history of the cards, each of the card’s divinational meanings (both dignified and ill-dignified) in the Spanish, English, French and German languages.


This attractive deck is somewhat smaller (6 cm x 10 cm or 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″) than your average Tarot card reader might be used to using for divination work..

Although their slightly diminutive size makes them a little tricky to shuffle for anyone who, like me, has larger hands, younger users will find their dimensions to be a bonus.

The card images themselves include the classic Lenormand design using the authentic pastel colors that we have come to expect from most Lenormand decks these days.

The cards do not include the titles, only the numbers and playing card attributes other Lenormand-derived packs favor.

The booklet is adequate, but the accompanying interpretations are sometimes a little archaic. I say you might want to dispense with it and start to formulate your own interpretational meanings either through personal experience or by reading other books.

Despite my few reservations about the size and perhaps color clarity of these cards, if you are new to Lenormand divination then I would consider this to be a good deck to get started with. It is not expensive and, I would say, overall is good value for money.