Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D Farmer

Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D Farmer

Have you ever felt strongly attracted to a particular animal or bird? Have you felt that it was trying to get your attention and communicate with you?

If so, this could be a case of your animal spirit guide trying to make contact.

It is not only Shamans that are overshadowed by a animal companions. We all carry within us a collection of friendly spirit guides of which our animal companions play an important supporting role.

Steven Farmer is a renowned expert in understanding the role that our spirit animals play in our lives and the messages that they convey to us—both through dreams and inner-plane journeys and when they appear around us in the natural world.

In his divination deck, ‘Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards’, he offers a simplified way to understand your power animals and the information that they carry with a set of cards that offers you an interface between you and the guides themselves.

About the Deck

The deck of cards comes in an attractive and strong cardboard box containing 44 color cards and an accompanying booklet.

The cards themselves are intended to be applied in the same manner as other oracles of its type, such as Lenormand and the Tarot. You simply use them to interpret a spread comprising a number of animal spirit cards in answer to a question.

In addition, the author suggests that you can use the cards on an individual basis to help with advice, guidance or personal healing.

The Cards

Each card in the deck measures 12.7cm x 8.7cm and is printed on heavy card stock with coloring around its edge that suggests aging or antiquity.

Each card features a drawing of the animal, bird or insect in its center with its title at the top and a brief description of its core meaning at the bottom.

The reverse side of the cards each depict an image of a stork—symbolic of the messenger!

They are not numbered or placed into animal groups, or suits as is the case with other divination decks such as the Tarot.

The Book

The small-sized format, 150-page booklet that accompanies the deck and which is written by the author acts as a user-guide to using the cards.

It describes how they operate, how to attune yourself to their wisdom and enable them to act as a guide in answering questions or to divine factors surrounding a variety of circumstances.

The book features each card in the deck and describes in detail the context of the wisdom of the animal. For each card, the author also offers a collection of keywords describing the essence of the energy that the card carries.

No meanings are offered for reversed or ill-dignified cards.

What we like:

  • Strong card stock
  • Overall quality of product
  • Well designed and written explanatory book

What we did NOT like:

  • Slightly confusing use of color in some card images


Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards is an essentially uncomplicated, clear-cut and powerful divination system. As a consequence of its simplicity, It relies somewhat upon the user to do the hard work to develop a working understanding of how the cards operate.

The subject of spirit guides is a complex one and this deck does not offer an explanation of the inner worlds, spirit guides or Shamanism. For this, you are best consulting other sources.

If you are a novice, using these cards may be an uphill struggle at first as you develop that all important inner dialogue with your own animal spirit guides. This is usual for decks of this type and is consistent with the non-linear, non-hierarchal basis to Shamanism.

We do recommend that you also check out Steven Farmer’s more exhaustive publication on animal guides titled Animal Spirit Guides which offers a deeper explanation of animal spirit guides and their work.

Does this card deck work?

The very first time I used this deck, I was immediately drawn to cut out a single card. This turned out to be what I recognised from years of spiritual practice as my own spirit guide—and this was without any prepreparation or psychic work on my part! Thus I can only conclude that this is a powerful and effective system of magick and inner learning once you get the hang of it.

As I mentioned above, I did appreciate the overall quality of this product and feel confident that it offers many years of good service.

If you are drawn to the world of nature and animal spirit guides then you will find this deck to be a delight to use and a powerful tool of self-discovery.