Discover Your Master Chakra by Stephanie S. Larsen

Discover Your Master Chakra by Stephanie S. Larsen

It is often said that the single most effective approach to understanding the form and function of the Divine at work is simply through “knowing yourself”.

Whilst this powerful piece of guidance may be effective it does lead one to wonder how exactly we do discover who we are and our specific role in this lifetime.

Thankfully, modern spirituality offers several tools that can help us along this journey of exploration. They include such tools as the tarot, astrology, dreamwork and past-life regression.

The Internal Powerhouse

In Discover Your Master Chakra, spiritual advisor Stephanie S Larson offers a somewhat different approach to discovering one’s innate spiritual characteristics – via the human Chakras or energy system.

Whilst most authors treat each Chakra with equal but different importance and whilst some reinforce an idea that it is important to maintain a balance between the inward and outward energy flow within each one, Larson takes a quite different approach to Chakras and the role that they play in determining who we are.

Instead of treating each centre with equal measure, she maintains that of the seven or more energy centres that we have in our bodies, there is just one that operates in a primary position throughout our lifetime.

This she refers to as our Master Chakra.

Color Classification

In the introduction to her book Larson observes that; “A person’s Master Chakra will shine through everything they do, for better or worse.”

Furthermore she adds that “You can use your gift more or less, and you can be in your gifts or in your traps. You can focus from your color or pretend to be someone you’re not.”

Larson deviates still from established Chakra theory by referring to their key functions not by their traditional names but by their individual associated colors.

Hence she refers to the root chakra not as the Mulhadara centre but by its associated color red….and so on.

This designation is deliberate for the colors reference each of the Seven Rays. This means that effectively the Chakras become repositories and disseminators of universal energy — each with its own set frequency, which has been split off from a single source.

In opening her book, Larson describes the qualities of each Chakra color along with the general qualities of universal consciousness to which they resonate.

She then includes a questions and answers section which readers can use to identify their own primary Chakra color.

Later, her book deals with the specific qualities of the energy centre through which the Ray pours.

In closing the author acknowledges that each one of the colors presents important qualities that we should learn to activate and infuse. However regarding the Master Chakra she explains that by fully appreciating who we are and the lessons that our color presents to us “we can emerge into the highest expression of our being — both for ourselves and for others.”


Not knowing exactly which is my own master Chakra, I underwent the Q. and A. tests that are featured in the book. These took just a couple of minutes to do and conclusively identified one particular master Chakra which, quite frankly, I had never previously credited with being particularly significant to me.

Despite this, I pushed on and read the rundown of the qualities, lessons and challenges of this same chakra.

I was blown away by the results.

In just a few moments, I had gleaned from this book deeper insight and analysis of my core psycho-spiritual framework than I have ever previously been party to … and this is my fourth decade in spiritual work!

Very impressive!

Whilst this is a delightfully contemporarily presented book — one which clearly features characteristics relevant to our age and to the modern psyche, it has, to my mind, all the qualities of an old-school publication.

By this, I mean it reflects the sort of deeply challenging and spiritually-incisive publication that sadly used to be popular but which has largely become squeezed out of existence by the current New Age, or mind, body, spirit movement, with its reliance upon personal psychic impressions rather than good old-fashioned occult teachings.

The ancient occult teachings of the Seven rays are, of course, well-known and highly regarded in many esoteric circles. Here they are not referenced a great deal but their essence shines through this book quite clearly.

So, quite frankly, I not only whole-heartedly recommend this publication to anyone who wants to ‘know themselves’ better but I also fully endorse it for; if your experience is anything like mine then Discover Your Master Chakra  by Stephanie S. Larson contains within its pages the possibility of a minor revelation just waiting to happen in your life.