EDINA - Message From the Stars by Lois J. Wetzel, MFA

EDINA – Message From the Stars by Lois J. Wetzel, MFA

Golden coloured light-beings same size and shape as humans appeared as beams of light to Lois Wetzl around 1998. At the time Lois was working healing and performing a style of Swedish massage along with Reiki and had shamanic training from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies including Soul Retrievals and Power Animal Retrieval sessions.

After time this group of star-beings revealed themselves to the author as the Ankenash – their name being derived from three letters of the Kabballah, and explained that they were from Sirius-B – a revelation that caused the author to recall a much earlier experience with the star in her life when she experienced deep sense of homesickness for the star which she then realised to be her native home.

In March 2007 Lois was presented with the EDINA concept by the Sirians. EDINA means Energy Dynamics for the Integration of Natural Attributes and the Sirians explained that this is a form of energy medicine that was to help humans regain certain natural attributes that had not been used for thousands of years.

EDINA: Energy Medicine from the Stars! is a warm and engaging account by the author of her powerful experiences with the Ankenash and their healing teachings.

It includes personal commentary on the impact that the Sirians had on her life and her professional healing career. It includes specific meditations and guidance for readers looking to use the EDINA system. In the final sections of the book, advanced and specific information is given about the EDINA project and its continued worldwide development. Link have been included in the book to several external web pages including additional images of the sacred geometry forms that the Ankenash advise using in healing sessions.

This book has a great deal to offer those who are interested either in advanced healing techniques or in the sort of healing work that the Sirians are doing. The additional resources are a great bonus and can help to open the reader up to a very exciting and effective approach to human health and well-being.

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