First Contact by Tom T Moore

First Contact by Tom T Moore

In First Contact, writer and channeller Tom T Moore (author of The Gentle Way books, speaker, and frequent radio guest), reveals his experiences and telepathic conversations with his Higher Self and an Extra-Terrestrial-being he came to know as Antura — an advanced cosmic entity who originates from the Sirius star system.

In a series of in-depth question-and-answer sessions conducted over a number of years, the author converses with Antura on a wide variety of topics. These relate to life on and around the star system of Sirius as well as important current affairs surrounding the ET and UFO phenomenon.

From these exchanges, many new and important perspectives regarding the mysteries of time and space are revealed, including information related to the notorious Greys, time portals, alien motherships and various extra-terrestrial types.

Finally, the author’s contact reveals some startling and detailed information regarding the possibility of imminent contact with extra-terrestrial groups such as the Pleiadians and Sirians due to take place over the next few years.


Being a student of the esoteric sciences is not easy. On the one hand, you have to keep an open mind about anything and everything presented to you—no matter how bizarre; yet, at the same time, it is essential that you accept nothing at face value—or run the risk of becoming deluded.

This is particularly true of the UFO and extra-terrestrial phenomenon, for this is a subject that is more riddled than most with malevolent forces that are hell-bent on leading the unwary astray.

As if this were not a big enough challenge on its own, when one enters the realm of ‘channelling’ or ‘spirit communication’, the process of deciphering the truth becomes increasingly murky.

On the face of it First Contact by Tom T Moore ticks every one of the boxes labelled ‘Reader Beware!’; for its subject matter—namely channelled information from an extra-terrestrial purporting to be from Sirius—is the basis upon which shortcuts to madness are found.

Just like so many other researchers into the UFO/ET phenomenon who have gone before me, I too have been deceived into believing so-called bona-fide accounts of imminent mass-landings, orbiting motherships and intergalactic planetary councils—much to my own dismay and pain!

Maybe, it is because I have digested so much erroneous information on the subject that I feel that I am, at last, able to identify a diamond hidden amongst a pile of excreta, for, unless I am still rather deluded about the subject, then we have, in First Contact, a book that demonstrates some degree of integrity in addition to containing some powerful material that is seriously worth consideration.

Whilst the current ET/UFO debate appears to center specifically upon instigating Government disclosure of alien presence on Earth, along comes ‘First Contact’—an important and insightful perspective on ‘contact’ from the extra-terestrial viewpoint. It offers quite a different perspective on some earth-shattering events that are unfolding at this very moment in time.

The most refreshing aspect of this publication is that the author clearly embraces the need to challenge the source of the material being presented to him. What sets this book apart is the in-depth level of even the most mundane questions asked of the Sirian guide regarding even his most repetitive day-to-day experiences. The result is that a picture starts to emerge in the mind of the reader of the factors that surround the Sirian nations and their cultures.

A great deal of the information contained within ‘First Contact’ was new to me. Some of it resonated with my own researches and personal experiences but the greatest impression left upon me were the details given of the proposed ET/human contact intended to take place over the years 2013 (when governments begin to reveal their contact with alien species); 2015 (when the Pleiadians are due to make contact) and then 2017 (when the sirians reveal themselves to planet Earth).

History has taught us to disregard these ‘timetables for contact’ but on the day that I sat down to start this review, a news item broke from the Russian government their interaction with sea UFOs over the decades—just as the channel in ‘First Contact’ predicted it would—and in the time frame it announced.

First Contact is a fascinating book and one that adds greatly to the UFO debate on so many levels. It is a publication that will be of interest to extra-terrestrial researchers of all dispositions but it will also be particularly rewarding to those readers, like myself, who have an interest in the star Sirius and the beings that live and originate from this star system.

First Contact contains a rich wealth of insight on many extra-ordinary facets of extra-terrestrial existence as well as identifying the nature of life on the higher/inner planes.

Whilst we cannot be sure that ET contact is about to happen as this book suggests, after reading about Tom Moore’s experiences with his Sirian contact, I am now of the opinion that human/ET disclosure might not be as far-fetched an idea as one might at first suppose!

First Contact takes the reader on a thoroughly enjoyable journey and does not disappoint at any point in its narrative. As soon as I completed it, I started to read it again and enjoyed it just as much the second-time around. You can’t say that about many books!