Ghost Box by Chris Moon & Paulette Moon

Ghost Box by Chris Moon & Paulette Moon

When the wife of Thomas Edison died the famous inventor became extremely fascinated in the concept of life after death. Being of a scientific mind he started to consider the possibility that he could create a machine that had the capability of communicating with the spirits of the deceased.

Edison began to build what has been called his Telephone to the Dead and soon posted project updates in periodicals such as Scientific American and Forbes, His ideas were not generally very well-received by his peers and sadly, Edison failed to complete his machine whilst a great deal of his research notes were destroyed.

Later Development

Many years later Frank Sumption took up Edison”s work and continued developing his spirit receiver. Before he passed away in 2014 Sumption built no less than six machines with each one becoming increasingly refined, more sensitive and far less cumbersome to carry and operate.

In his book Ghost Box renowned psychic medium Chris Moon, along with his mother Paulette Moon, explains how they became across the work of Frank Sumption and the uses they put it to.

Moon first made contact with Frank Sumption via email and the inventor later invited him and his father over to his workshop to see his ghost box. Despite their initial skepticism regarding its effectiveness at the end of that first meeting the inventor gave them the machine to work with.

Moon did nothing with it for a year but then, more through a sense of inquisitiveness than anything else, he tried it out. To his amazement he found that it worked and that the distinct sound of otherworldly voices could be heard through it.

From there on Moon became converted to the power of the box and began to use it on his paranormal field investigations all across the United States.

Voices Beyond the Veil

Ghost Box catalogs Moon’s experiences using the machine in a series of recollections by the author of specific investigations in which he achieved some of his most remarkable successes obtaining communication with the other side.

In conjunction with the machine Moon also employs a series of spirit guides whom he calls Spirit Technicians. These work on the other-side helping to authenticate and facilitate the connection between the box, its user and the spirit of the deceased.

The type of beings that Moon has connected to over the years are diverse and the adventures that using the box brought him range from the synchronous to the bizarre.

However this is relatively new technology despite its original development by Edison all those years ago. As Moon states in the closing to his book “To this day, I don’t believe we’ve begun to scratch the surface of what the Ghost Box is capable of.”


Ghost Box is a classic example of what happens when you poke a stick — or in this case a diode, at the thin veil that separates this reality from the inner worlds

Invariably when you do strange things start to happen around you and within every facet of your life.

Moon’s accounts of his use of own experiences with Frank Sumption’s Box are, to put it mildly, nothing short of extraordinary. From angels and dark spirits through to murdered children and extraterrestrials the range of beings he connects to are remarkably diverse.

The sheer emotional weight of his work would be daunting to the rest of us for Moon demonstrates that the Ghost Box also opens up deep wounds and unresolved issues. It is not a machine to be messed with!

As a book it is an utterly riveting read and one which you immediately become immersed in and which ends up leaving a deep impression upon your spiritual philosophy for the implications of the Moons work are extremely profound.

Further revelations are yet to come as a result of Moon’s continued use of his Ghost Box. When they do I am sure that they will end up being equally remarkable and ground-breaking. Until then this book will continue to amaze and fascinate those who feel that the day has come when we can finally prove the existence of life after death within traditional scientific paradigms.