Llewellyn's Little Book of Psychic Development by Melanie Barnum

Llewellyn’s Little Book of Psychic Development by Melanie Barnum

From our earliest years we learn to develop our five primary senses without really being aware that there actually many ways of experiencing the world available to us.

However, It only takes one, completely unexpected and out-of-the-ordinary psychic experience to awaken us to the immense potential for experiencing another, wholly different, level to life.

The question that arises is; “How do you deal with a newly emerging form of personal consciousness — one that forces you to fully appreciate the fact that at our core we are all powerfully psychic individuals?”

Psychic and Business Skills

In her book Llewellyn’s Little Book of Psychic Development professional psychic Melanie Barnum shares her years of personal experience gathered whilst working within the world of psychism with readers — and particularly with those who find their own intuitive capabilities are starting to unfold.

From the opening of her book Barnum explains how she has her own term to describe the function of intuition. She calls it ‘metaphysical intelligence’ and explains how she sees fledgling psychics as being naturally gifted with the power to act as a conduit through to another dimension.

If this sounds rather alarming in its implication then you are right — it can be, and for those who find their sixth sense beginning to emerge into the light of day the process of unfolding can be somewhat disorientating.

Barnum recognizes this and in her book she answers many of the most basic and rudimentary questions that readers might have about psychic development.

From there, she takes her readers by the hand and leads them through the basic theory and core concepts of psychic development. This includes a look at various ways to strengthen the connection to the inner world including the world of dreams, the practice of meditation, the use of symbols, and even via a basic understanding of the chakras and how they work.

In addition to this, Barnum also catalogs different forms of psychic work. These include telepathy, mediumship, clairempathy, as well as many other methods that also breakdown the barrier between our mundane and metaphysical intelligences.

Later on in Llewellyn’s Little Book of Psychic Development, the author also introduces us to the additional opportunities available for psychic development through the additional use of a variety of tools.

These can be used as a way of easing the transmission and translation of messages that come through from ‘the other side’ and can include the use of crystals, stones, runes, pendulums, and the tarot.

Finally Barnum closes her book by reminding her readers of the importance of aligning your mind, body and spirit when developing psychic skills. This also extends into the sphere of all spiritual work to ensure that good psychic health is maintained at all times and as a precursor for ensuring the transition into a heightened state of consciousness is as safe and comfortable as possible.


Melanie Barnum openly admits that she does not fit easily into the stereotypical image of a professional psychic. This is reflected in most of her books — they all tend to break the mould with a refreshingly new approach or angle to her chosen subjects

Although Llewellyn’s Little Book of Psychic Development has all the hallmarks of being a traditional introduction to psychic development it does break the mould and offer a more contemporary examination of a subject that has always fascinated, but also frightened, humanity throughout history.

What really sets Melanie Barnum’s approach to the world of psychism apart from most other writers is that she approaches the subject in a thoroughly business and professional way. She has to — it’s her living and one that enables her to run an office in and successful business in Ridgfield, Connecticut.

The result of her evident dedication to helping others is that whilst this publication describes itself as a ‘little’ book it is, in fact, far from it.

It packs a lot of information and practical insights into a small frame.

With the inclusion of real-life psychic experiences, self-help Q andAs as well as a wealth of practical exercises Llewellyn’s Little Book of Psychic Development by Melanie Barnum is a richly diverse and thoroughly engaging read.

As a concise tapestry of helpful advice, spiritual insights and practical support this is an outstanding work and one which any newcomer to the world of psychic development will greatly appreciate and treasure.