No More Secrets, No More Lies by Patricia Cori

No More Secrets, No More Lies by Patricia Cori

Part 1 of No More Secrets, No More Lies begins with the very strong sense that humanity is on the brink of some major events in human history. Through their channel, the Sirians strive to impress upon the reader that the world around us is teeming with life-forms on every imaginable level. They also tell us that it is time to end this sense of isolation and disconnect that we have from our light brothers and sisters.

As in the earlier Sirian Revelations books, we are exposed to the real history of humanity through the seeding of the human race on this planet and the development of the variety of races that populate it.

This includes references to the approach of the planet Nibiru over 450,000 years ago from the outer reaches of the Sirian star system.

Another continuing theme throughout these books, and explored in depth here, is the widespread corruption within State and religious hierarchies along with the growth of the One World Order.

The Sirians also repeat the grave warning they gave in their earlier messages of the danger of human control by these dark forces through electronic monitoring. This includes mobile phones, credit cards, road sensors and surveillance cameras.

They also point out other dangers, such as the declining quality of our air, water and food. They also warn against the growth in use of genetically modified foods.

While these primary themes are the mainstay of No More Secrets, No More Lies, little nuggets of fascinating information appear throughout the main narrative. Stories such as the fact that Hitler’s death was staged and that he lived for 20 years after the war ended. During that time, the Secret Government protected him.

On a lighter note, the book offers periodical advice on how we can maintain the state inner balance that is so necessary to survive the coming changes, including a need to examine our use of tablets and the type of food we eat.

Part 2 of No More Secrets, No More Lies examines past lives and parallel realities.

The Sirians recommend that we take some time to re-integrate parts of ourselves that have become fractured.

Next, we are introduced to the subjects of extra-terrestrials and their visits to Earth from several planets. These advanced light-beings are said to be filled with anticipation of the transformative process that is about to occur.

Already, there are a number of Children of the Violet Oversoul here, helping humanity through these turbulent times. They are traditionally known as the Violet Children or Walkins.

Finally, the book re-enforces the idea that we are close to finally making contact with our space brethren.


Patricia Cori has presented us with some viable options when it comes to protecting ourselves from the onslaught of darkness that we are being subjected to.

Often tragic, deeply disturbing and terrifying, No More Secrets, No More Lies rips its reader apart, piece by piece, time after time and leaves you to ponder the utter futility of trying to even remain alive on the planet at this time.

But then, in places, the book also lifts the spirit and gives us hope. At these precious times, a little light shines through its pages—just enough to offer the vaguest of chances that perhaps there is some hope after all and that there are forces at play that can aid us at this time.

This book tells it as it is—warts and all. It contains vitally important information for this time and leaves the reader feeling that, at the very least, it is going to be worth staying alive just long enough to see which way this dark drama is going to unfold.

Maybe… just maybe… the destiny of humanity and this planet is in our hands after all.

No More Secrets, No More Lies is a remarkable and vitally important book, which I thoroughly recommend!