Practical Egyptian Magic by Murry Hope

Practical Egyptian Magic by Murry Hope

In this working guide to the magical system of the Ancient Egyptians, Murry Hope describes the nature and teachings of the Book of the Dead and explains the meaning of the hieroglyphs used in Egyptian occult symbolism.

She also provides many practical applications of the Egyptian system including prayers, invocations, archetypes and instruments, and takes the reader through safe and simple rituals.

Book Details

  • Title: Practical Egyptian Magic: A Working Guide to the Magical Practices of Ancient Egypt
  • Author: Murry Hope
  • Paperback: 160 pages
  • Publisher: Aquarian Press; Fourth Impression edition (26 April 1984)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0850303613

Practical Egyptian Magic by Murry Hope was re-released in 1998 with the title The Ancient Wisdom of Egypt. It included exactly the same contents but a different cover design.

Book Contents

  • Preface, Introduction
    • 1. The Book of the Dead
    • 2. Spiritual Hieroglyphics
    • 3. Origins
    • 4. The Gods of Ancient Egypt
    • 5. The Real Theology
    • 6. Pyramid Power
    • 7. Tombs and Curses
    • 8. The Hermes Trismegistus – Part I: Sources
    • 9. The Hermes Trismegistus – Part II: The Teachings
    • 10. The Egyptian Mysteries According to Lamblichos
    • 11. Symbols and Instruments
    • 12. Colours, Robes and Archetypes
    • 13. The Structure of the Lodge or Groups
    • 14. Suggestions and Warnings
    • 15. Ancient Prayers and Invocations
    • 16. Ceremonial Magic
    • 17. Some Practical Magical Techniques
    • 18. General Correspondences
    • 19. Egyptian Magic and Today’s Religions
    • 20 Sirius – The New Cosmic Magic
    • Conclusion, Appendix, Bibliography, Index


Through her work Murry Hope has probably been more responsible for bringing practical occultism into the hands of the mystical student than perhaps any other writer. Her depth of knowledge and insight into several esoteric traditions, including the Greek and Celtic as well as the Egyptian, has made her one of the most highly regarded writers of her age.

In Practical Egyptian Magic Murry offers a concise guide to understanding the Ancient Egyptian culture from a magical point of view. This includes information on the spiritual meaning to some of the most important hieroglyphs as well as the use of Egyptian iconography a practical magic operations. She includes her assessment of how the Ancient Egyptian system can be woven into todays astrological correspondences as well as describing how, and why, it is that we will see a resurgence of interest in Ancient Egyptian magic in the future.

A New Cosmic Magic

Murry Hope is, of course, a prominent writer on the mysteries of Sirius having written extensively on the subject in her works such as The Sirius Connection and The Lion People.

Murry makes occasional reference to Sirius throughout ‘Practical Egyptian Magic’ but then actually concludes her material with a chapter devoted to the influence of the Dog Star within a new form of powerful mind magic and its influence in determining the future of humanity’s destiny. From the perspective of a student of the Sirian mysteries this section is the most intriguing and exciting for it confirms what many of us feel which is that the power and influence of Sirius is a primary determinant in the evolution of life on this planet.

Whilst Murry makes general references to this Sirian influence she also makes veiled references to aspects of this Ray which are tantalising and intriguing. For example, her assertion that there is a gene that carries coded information within the human body which, given the correct circumstances, can be triggered off is possibly even prophetic given that this information was originally revealed by the author as far back as 1984. On the other hand, given Murry’s close connection to her Sirian ‘Paschat’ guides it is perhaps not quite so surprising that she has had a closer connection to this advanced esoteric material than most of us.


It would be wrong to expect too much from this book given that it is now some 30 years of age. Many writers have approached the same material since then and have gone deeper and further into various facets of Ancient Egyptian Magic. However, as an overall introduction to the subject this is a book that takes some beating in that it covers so much useful practical information. The book is well structured and like all of Murry Hope’s other books is well written in an easy to read and accessible way.

My only criticism of it, if one can be truly justified given its age and general perspective on the subject, is that the final chapter of the book that deals with Sirius is some what frustrating in that it contains references to Sirius that need serious expansion but which were passed over in a cursory fashion. Sirius is the key to unlocking the Ancient Egyptian system and I would like to have seen its importance woven more into the main content.

This book is a really good read but really only acts as a curtain-opener for her much deeper insights into the Ancient Egyptian magical system in Murry’s subsequent book The Sirius Connection. For any reader looking for a user-friendly introduction to Egyptian Magic, this is a great place to start – even after all these years!

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