The Sirian Seal by Patricia Cori

The Sirian Seal by Patricia Cori

The Sirian Seal is a symbol or glyph that was presented to esoteric writer and channeller Patricia Cori by the Sirian High Council. Its function is to help align humanity with the spiritual forces that are currently working to shift the human race into a higher level of consciousness.

Product Description

It is a time of humankind’s greatest potential, but this we must realize through our dedicated will and focused determination. To truly walk through this storm unscathed, we must now exercise our greatest ability to repel the destructive energies, amplify our protective shields and remain sovereign in every sense, at every moment – from this day forward. For those who are ready, there can now be direct contact with Light Beings of other dimensions – but only when the focus is perfected can connection be pure and unaltered: this, too, is of utmost importance to our expanding consciousness and its manifestation on Earth.

Within us all is the ability to hold off all shadow forces. We are the crystal, the vibration, the power. But with all the disruptors at work in our realm, we are not always clear enough to hold up against their interference and its effect upon all living beings in our world. We are undoubtedly under attack from many levels and it is imperative that we become supremely conscious of how best to protect ourselves from all lower vibrations and stand forever in light fields.

The Sirian Seal™ has been gifted to us at this time to serve this purpose. Within its sacred geometric form lies the holographic blueprint that you can effectively utilize for:

  • Psychic Protection
  • Electromagnetic shield
  • Attunement
  • Aura Amplification
  • DNA Rejuvenation
  • Tachyon Energy Stimulation
  • Improved Health & Well-Being
  • Crystal Enhancement
  • Energy balancing


The Sirian Seal by Patricia Cori is a two-part package comprised of a book and the Sirian Seal.

The Seal

The Sirian Seal provided to readers is roughly two inches high and two inches wide. It is made from copper – a metal well-known for its ability to conduct spiritual energy. The symbol has been well formed giving a sense of being hand-crafted rather than mass-produced. At the apex of the glyph there is a small loop should you wish to wear the symbol as a piece of jewellry.

The Book

The book that accompanies the Seal is roughly 30 pages long and contains information about the Seal – how it works and the uses it can be put to. The publication has been attractively produced with a hard-cover and
font-type that, once again, creates a sense of a product that has been created with some care.

An Experiment

This product has been very carefully produced. The quality of the Seal and the beautifully way in which the book has been written lends itself to the idea that this has been created out of a genuine sense of love and not just as a marketing and money-making venture.

The question is, though, does it work?

According to the accompanying text, The Sirian Seal functions on two levels.

Firstly, it acts as a form of psychic defence shield and secondly, as a way of connecting with the Sirians who, it is said, hold an etheric form of the Seal within their own dimension.

I decided to test the Seal over ten days of psychic work to see if it actually performs in the field. To this end, I carried out the advice given to hold the Seal between the Heart and Solar Plexus chakras and to centre one’s consciousness upon it whilst in a meditative state. I also slept with the Seal under my bedsheets to see if it would have any effect upon my dreams.

Initially, my results were inconclusive. In fact, for the first couple of days spent working with the Seal, nothing appeared to happen out of the ordinary that I could connect to the effects of the Seal.

Then, on the third and forth days, I noticed that my energy levels were starting to rise. The days also seemed to pass by with a greater sense of ease with the usual small problems and difficulties not manifesting as normal.

My days weren’t the only parts of my life to see change. The quality of my dreams were also improving, plus the continual dense astral energy that surrounds me throughout the night (I live in the center of a town) appears to have been diffused. This was interesting as it appeared to confirm that the Seal was actually acting as a psychic shield as promised.

The other function of the Seal — to connect to Sirian consciousness — did not develop over the ten-day experimental period.

Whilst meditating with the Seal, I did receive a few fleeting images of Lion-Headed beings and, on one occasion, I had a very strong impression of a Lion-headed warrior standing over me as if protecting my auric field. Other than that there were no specific occasions when I connected to any Sirian consciousness. However, I am quite sure that had I continued using the Seal to protect and charge up my aura then this would have come in time. The changes that the Seal seemed to be bringing about were subtle but nevertheless were accumulative.

I understand that working with the Sirian Seal and the guided meditations on Patricia Cori’s Starseed Awakening CD creates even greater results but I have yet to try this out for myself.


My conclusions regarding The Sirian Seal is that it is a great tool that has the potential to aid a spiritual student at many different levels.

I thoroughly enjoyed the accompanying book and that it did not gloss over the fact that there are as many negative forces out there as there are positive ones.

This is such an important feature of high-energy, lightwork and through working with the Seal I gained the overall impression that the Sirians actively appeared to recognise this to be a challenge to spiritual development.

My only slight caveat regarding the Seal is that I would have appreciated some more practical advice on how to use the Seal. I would also have liked some insight into the expectations of the Sirians when they created the Seal as well as their perspective on how the etheric Seal works from their dimension.

Nevertheless, I wholly recommend The Sirian Seal to any student of the Sirian mysteries. It is a safe and highy practical way to bring about major advances in an inderstanding of the part that the energies and dynamics of the Dog Star can play in the life of an initiate.

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