The Spiritual Symbols Workbook by Joanna Bartlett (Rev.)

The Spiritual Symbols Workbook by Joanna Bartlett (Rev.)

Life is a journey populated with trials, choices, and opportunities. Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out which of the many paths that spring up in-front of us are the right ones to take and which of them will send us off in the wrong direction.

At such times of important decision-making we need to be able to assess the situation with consideration of the sort of people that we truly are and the things that enhance our spiritual growth. For this to occur we need to develop a deeper understanding of the complex characteristics that reside within us.

As the ancients used to say, above all else it is of paramount importance to “Know Thyself”.

Digging In

Rev, Bartlett is a Spiritualist minister and professional medium. She is someone who has developed a close understanding of the connection that we all have to the world of Spirit and is well placed to explain how much we are influenced by our internal psychospiritual dynamics — about which most of us know surprisingly little.

Her Spiritual Symbols Workbook is a publication that offers the reader an opportunity to track, develop, and then ultimately to express, a more authentic sense of Self. It has been developed by her as a personal guide to help unearth the delicate threads of consciousness that lie buried within our psyches but which, if released, can offer so much rich and fertile psychological ground for personal self-development.

The workbook presents a structured environment framework into which its user can add their own sense of understanding and insights of specific symbols which form the basic language of the unconscious or spiritual Self.

The methods that the author recommends for accessing these includes meditation and mindfulness. It is through these practices that the inner language rises up to surface conscious and the true internal dynamics are better understood and our core selves becomes more evident.

Common Categories

The workbook has been sectioned in such a way that it covers many of the most common symbol groups. These, for example, include various types of animals, parts of the body, colors, food, as well as a wide range of common household objects and types of people. For those readers with an interest in the esoteric arts it also includes sections on numerology, tarot and astrology.

If the game of life requires you to become more acquainted with the hidden spiritual language of the personal psyche then The Spiritual Symbols Workbook has the opportunity to become your own sacred text — a book of knowledge by which to truly know yourself — from the inside out.


I recall that hat one of the earliest mistakes I personally made when I began studying my dreams was to try and interpret them using a standard dream dictionary. This, as I found out, does not work. What is really needed is personalised encyclopaedia of terminology — one that is specific to who you are.

In this regard The Spiritual Symbols Workbook is a terrific idea for it encourages its reader to make a serious and in depth study of the myriad of symbols that well up from within their subconscious realms via nightly dreams and daily meditations.

The book itself is well-produced. It is a good, usable size with lots of room for adding your own comments, observations, or even drawings. Its contents are presented in a clear way and in a style that encourages participation from its reader. With an introductory section to help the user — which is clear but which I felt could have been expanded upon for beginners, plus an index at the end for easy reference, this is a workbook for those who love spiritual quests or journeys but who have a tendency to get lost along the way.

As a spiritual tool of personal enlightenment — as a quest log to take with you along the spiritual journey, this is a book that many will find they have been waiting for and which they will undoubtedly find to become an indispensable guide in their lives.