The Starseed Awakening CD by Patricia Cori

The Starseed Awakening CD by Patricia Cori

The Starseed Awakening is a collection of deep meditations and personal spiritual insights channeled from the Sirians.

Presented and read by universally acclaimed writer and Sirian contactee Patricia Cori, they offer an opportunity to accelerate your spiritual growth and connection to Sirian energies.

Product Information

  • Publisher: North Atlantic Books
  • Published: February 17, 2009
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-1556437823

Product Contents

  • The Wake Up Call (3:01)
  • A Window Opens–The Sirians Speak (3:35)
  • Calling the Light Ones–An Invocation (2:12)
  • Soul Retrieval Meditation (14:00)
  • DNA Activation: The Matrix of Higher Consciousness (12:25)

Product Description

Recognized as the Scribe to the Speakers of the Sirian High Council (benevolent beings of Light who watch over Earth from afar) Cori starts these audio teachings with the sound of a meditation bell.

The first three meditations act as a relaxing and heart-opening preparation for the deeper states to follow. Starting with a wake-up call (3:01), a window opens and the Sirians speak (3:35).

Then, an invocation calls the Light Ones (2:12). The final two meditations consist of channeled material that leads the listener through the powerful process of soul retrieval (14:00) and the activation of the third strand of DNA (12:25), which unites listeners with the matrix of higher consciousness.

These five steps represent Patricia Cori’s powerful channeling of higher wisdom to guide listeners through a life-changing process of spiritual expansion. Spoken in Cori’s pleasant low voice, these meditations can enhance the abilities of Reiki healers, channelers, psychics, and other Lightworkers, as well as seekers of every persuasion. Their ultimate goal is to prepare the listener for spiritual growth: the ascension of the soul to the extraordinary fourth dimension beyond time.


Before I start, I must say that I am not too good with this sort of product. I have tried many guided meditations from some leading writers in the New Age movement before to no effect… other than to irritate me.

So with a pretty poor track record in this genre of product, I purchased The Starseed Awakening by Patricia Cori but approached it with a deep sense of scepticism.

Initial Impressions

The CD comes in a classic film DVD case. It has some advertsing blurb on the back but contains no inner notes. It would have been much more useful to have had some sort of printed documentation giving some background to the product — even a bio of the author would have been something — but there was ziltch in the way of information.

Although the actual audio CD itself is quite well-presented and of high enough quality, I did not really warm to it with all my prejudices regarding this sort of product being re-inforced at this early stage.

The CD contains just 5 shortish tracks. These are easy enough to convert to MP3 – which is just what I did before placing them on my iPod. I relaxed in bed and started to listen to each track in order.

A Changing Landscape

The first track established the session and I was very quickly impressed by the voice of reader and presented Patricia Cori. So often, these guided meditations are read to you in a jilted fashion and from what is so obviously a pre-written script.

Not so with these, for Patricia does an excellent job of creating an impression that she is actually with you and is spontaneously leading you into her meditation in a warm and sympathetic way.

Blimey! Don’t say that I have to change my personal opinion on these sort of things!

Well, based on the evidence here in The Starseed Awakening, I most definitely do!

I followed the other audio tracks visualising the circumstances and conditions as outlined by the reader and found that I was actually starting to get exactly the results that she was suggesting.

Deeper and deeper we went into Soul Retrieval and I easily picked out one specific incident in my early childhood that had actually caused part of my soul to break off. Using the pathway established in my psyche by Patricia I was actually able to retrieve it — and this was after nearly fifty years of it having been splintered!

From there, things became progressively interesting.

The Sirian Impulse

Now, it’s important to note that these meditations are purported to be specifically channeled by Sirians. That’s as may be but does this have any bearing on the life of a Sirian student?

To my amazement, I found halfway through the last track that I was starting to make contact with the Ancient Egyptian Dog-God Annubis – not in its traditional capacity as a rather threatening Lord of the Underworld but in a quite different strengthening and supportive capacity. Very strange and very Sirian!

Soon after, the meditation, sadly, came to an end. At this point Patricia talks the listener through the process of ‘closing down’ safely and in doing so I started to return to normal consciousness.

However, just as a parting last shot – before I opened my eyes and sat up, I suddenly got the very strong impression of being over-shadowed by a powerful Leonine figure. This figure simply emerged into my consciousness and I could see a definate head of a cat-like, or lion-shaped, being within my inner eye.

Some time later, I recognized the figure that appeared in an image of Mother Sekhmet that appears at the website I am unaware of ever having seen this image before it appeared in this meditation.

Finally, that night, I had a most powerful and empowering set of dreams. These were clearly indicating that at some deeper Soul level, I had attained some degree of balance and healing. I can only assume that as I fell asleep soon after completing the Patricia Cori meditations that these were wholly responsible!


I guess that my above account of my first use of ‘The Starseed Awakening’ by Patricia Cori will give you some sort of idea of how I feel about it.

My early misgivings were completely blown away and I was left astounded that guided meditations can be quite so powerful.

My misgivings regarding the lack of accompanying literature still stands and I have to say that I would have liked to have had longer meditations – or even better; more of them!

That apart, I have to say that listening to this audio CD was a powerful and probably life-changing experience. It is possible that it really only works quite so deeply with spiritual students already open to the Sirian current but this may not be so.

I would whole-heartedly recommend that you give this CD a test for yourself – the results could be just as spectacular for you as they were for me!

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