Forever in My Heart by Carroll Richardson

Personal journals, whether they take the form of a dream diary, a daily almanac or just a simple note-based repository for your thoughts and ideas, are easily one of the most powerful and effective ways in which you can clarify your deepest thoughts, opinions or feelings on any matter.

Forever in My Heart by Tanya Carroll Richardson offers an interesting take on what could loosely be described as a cross between an open-letter, personal dialogue, and a book of remembrances.

A Permanent Record

This attractively presented, hard-cover notebook has been constructed with the specific purpose of encouraging an imaginary personal dialogue between the scribe and their lost friend.

Split into several chapters it covers specific aspects of most close or loving relationships.

In approaching every imaginable area of a close and loving relationship the author offers prompts – simple one-line comments, or statements that are geared towards helping the grieving to unfold their most cherish memories of their loved one, their most moving experiences that they had with them and even what they found to be their most annoying or irritating habits!

The journal includes blank areas for the addition answers to these prompts as well as space for the user to add their own photos and other items of personal memorabilia.

As Richardson explains that the purpose and function behind this publication is borne from an acknowledgement that “…while loved ones who have passed on are still in our hearts, they are also still in our lives.’

She concludes that ‘…the loved ones you have dedicated the journal to will be watching from their vantage point in heaven, reading every word.”

If this is the case then it might be worth giving some though as to what you actually say to them!

Our Review of ‘Forever in My Heart’ by Carroll Richardson

I absolutely loved this wonderfully and beautifully conceived publication – as an idea it is brilliant and as a tool of healing it is possibly quite indispensable.

Although I think that the completion of it may well prove to be both emotionally painful and heart-rending at times I am quite sure that the process itself would naturally initiate a gradual, cathartic, and safe release of pent-up emotions.

As for the type of guidance contained within this book – the advice given as to how to approach an authentic evaluation and introspection of the lost relationship, I found this part to be very cleverly and sensitively thought out and it avoids becoming sentimental, tacky or saccharine.

It feels like it puts an arm around your shoulder and comforts you during your time of loss in the way that an old friend might.

Quite honestly if you are looking for a present for someone who has recently lost a loved one then I can think of nothing better suited or applicable to that raw emotional moment than a copy of Forever in My Heart by Carroll Richardson.

A beautiful product!

My Rating5