Llewellyn’s Shadowscapes Coloring Book by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Llewellyn’s Shadowscapes Coloring Book is a collection of artist Stephanie Pui-Mun Law’s favorite drawings produced as colorable illustrations for relaxation and enjoyment.

The creator of popular companion products Shadowscapes Tarot and the Shadowscapes Calendar, Stephanie combines mythological symbols and personal inspiration to create surreal scenes and evocative otherworlds.

About the Artist

Stephanie began her career as an illustrator for fantasy gaming companies and publishers, working on projects for Wizards of the Coast in Magic, White Wolf, Alderac Entertainment, LUNA Books, and Palazzo Editions.

In 2004, she began working on the Shadowscapes Tarot for Llewellyn Worldwide, which led to the publication of several successful Shadowscapes projects.

Stephanie is also known for Dreamscapes, a series of art technique books designed to let anyone embark on a fantastical adventure of drawing and painting.

In addition to her publishing projects, Stephanie has exhibited original works in Seattle, San Francisco, Nashville, San Diego, and New York. Finding inspiration in the natural beauty of her native California, Stephanie combines the effervescent energy of wilderness with the beauty of dreams in all of her work.

Through potent combinations of fantastical visions, archetypal imagery, and the energetic movement of dance, Stephanie invites you to create each illustration anew, lending your own intuitive vision of nature’s rhythm and flow.

For further inspiration, visit Stephanie online at www.shadowscapes.com.

Our Review of ‘Llewellyn’s Shadowscapes Coloring Book by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

If you enjoy coloring books and have an interest in the work of Stephanie Pui-Mun Law then this is a book that will delight you.

Containing sixty-three, A4-sized, line-drawings of her best fantasy and mythological etchings the book provides the reader with a rich and varied collection to work with.

Each page has a perforated edge and so can be removed from the book easily for mounting and framing.

The images within the book vary in type and design; from single portrait figures (mostly of nubile figurines) through to slightly darker landscape settings of mythic animals and beasts. Each one is complex and detailed requiring some fine pencil work by the colorer.

As I say the emphasis here is very much upon the feminine and as such is probably going to be a coloring book most suited to those of the Goddess persuasion.

This is a very resonably-priced coloring book with the added value that it offers the opportunity for so many hours of coloring pleasure.

My Rating4