Meadow Run by Clarelynn Rose

Clarelynn Rose has two main loves in her life. One is playing the guitar and the other, which goes someway to inspiring and influencing her music, is to revel in the peaceful beauty and tranquility of woodland areas – a passion which began after falling in love with redwood forests while an undergrad at UC Santa Cruz.

Her love of trees resulted in her becoming a SmartWood-certified Resource Manager as well as a consultant with SmartWood in which she assessed the sustainability of forestry operations in various locations in China and the US.

Clarelynn has successfully fused these two passions in her professional life for, as she says, My music is a kind of natural resources interpretation. When writing a piece, I get a feeling about it and match that to a feeling I’ve had elsewhere. Often that’s an experience in the woods.

The result of this fusion, along with her interest in spirituality, is a unique form of finger-style, guitar playing that she describes as being …a blend of Celtic, New Age and folk.

The Celtic influence in her music also stems from her close connection to the rugged landscape of of the Scottish Highlands where she currently lives.

A Unique Approach

Clarelynn is a self-taught guitarist who has successfully avoided the trappings of conventional musical teaching.

Her approach to her instrument of choice is, as a result, quite loose and freestyle – which lends itself to a quite uniquely authentic, rather than formulated sound.

This is further enhanced by her use of about a dozen different tunings played on a high quality Goodall) guitar and by complimenting it with Elixir strings.

The result of this matching is a remarkably clear and deeply resonant sound to her playing – one that is complete with some spectacular overtones, remarkable sustain and rich harmonics.

Meadow Run

Her CD, ‘Meadow Run’ is a collection of twelve original pieces (with South Wind being an arrangement of a traditional tune) written and performed by Clarelynn. It was recorded at Laughing Coyote Studios in Redwood Valley in California in 2004.

The complete track-listing is as follows:

  • GuiGui (The Turthe & The Salmon)
  • West Wind
  • Headlands
  • Meadow Run
  • The Honey Song
  • South Wind
  • White Roots
  • Phoenix
  • Night Tide
  • Dust Dance
  • The Road to Roberton
  • A Jig for John

‘Meadow Run’ is available through various outlets; including Amazon where individual tracks can be downloaded as MP3s, as well as through her own website at Heartwood Music

About Heartwood Music

Heartwood Music LLC is the record label owned and operated by Clarelynn Rose. It was established in 1999 in Ukiah, California.

It is through her former work as a forester that Clarelynn strongly believes in the need to financially support quality, hands-on environmental education. As a result Heartwood Music donates a percentage of profits to environmental education programs with recipient programs including the Forestry Institute for Teachers (FIT) and the Redwood Valley Outdoor Education Project (RVOEP).

Our Review of ‘Meadow Run’ by Clarelynn Rose

‘Meadow Run’ is, in every regard, a CD of great quality. From the artists’s beautiful compositions and skilled playing, through to the CDs beautiful design and manufacture, it is a product that has been lovingly crafted into existence.

Recording classical guitar playing is a notoriously difficult task but the engineers at the Laughing Coyote Studios have done a brilliant in capturing the extraordinary high level of sustain and resonance from Clarelynn Rose’s instrument.

The result is a dynamic sound composed of a unique aural resonance – one that that uplifts and recharges the spirit of its listener.

Each track on this CD is masterfully executed with great sympathy played to the shifting dynamics in each piece but the track ‘White Roots’ stands out to me as a piece of music that whilst not inordinately complex features this sense of rise and fall in textures.

Also, the low tuning used on ‘White Roots’ expresses the earthiness of the composition’s title.

Another noteworthy piece is the album’s following track, ‘Phoenix’ which rises and falls in cascades of musical runs that are delightful.

Indeed, this is definitely a CD of contrasting harmonies and themes. ’Night Tide’, as one might imagine from its title, is a much darker, sanguine piece than the final track, for example, ‘A Jig for John’ – which really shows off the artist’s skills and qualities of her instrument.

Overall, ‘Meadow Run’ is an excellent CD – one that exhibits the skills of its performer in so many ways. I would thoroughly recommend any lover of good guitar music to check it out.

Meadow Run is a CD that a listener will happily return to time and agin for, irrespective of the number of times it is played it always exhibits new qualities and fresh new musical insights.

My Rating5