Signs from Spirit Journal by Joanna Bartlett (Rev.)

Certified medium Rev. Joanna Bartlett is a firm believer that the spirits of the deceased often try to make contact with the living after they have passed over.

Bartlett is the author of excellent The Spiritual Symbols Workbook published by Alright Press in 2016. In her latest workbook she continues with the theme of messages and communications from the ethereal realms but this time with a focus upon those subtle, but all important ways that the spirits communicate to us.

Spiritually-Guided Life
Signs From Spirit Journal: Communicate with your intuition, guides and loved ones in Spirit through signs and symbols in your everyday life opens with an introductory guide as to the various forms signs from Spirit can take, why you receive them, who they’re from and “what your role is in the whole thing.”

When the World of Spirit communicates to you it often does so in non-linear ways and whilst it can present itself audibly it often does so via unorthodox means. Rev. Bartlett identifies some of these in her book as via feathers, cloud shapes, coins, animals, music, license plates, adverts, numbers, highlighted words, smells, electronic phenomenon, and dreams.

Rev. Bartlett lists who these signs might be from. the reason you are receiving them, how you know they are real and your role in the process.

A Journal

The second half of the Signs From Spirit Journal comprises pre-formatted pages suitable for journal entries logging the messages as they come through. Each page includes space for recording
The type of sign received, what you feel it intuitively means, its suspected source, and possible reason for its appearance.

Rev. Bartlett also includes a guide regarding the best way to use the journal. As she concludes
“Trust the process. Write down whatever comes. Keep breathing. keep your heart open and trust in the process of opening up to the mystery of life.”

In Signs From the Spirit Rev. Bartlett has produced an genuinely interesting workbook. In it she proves the case that it is not enough simply to accept the occasional signs from Spirit as an interesting but ultimately insignificant communication. Her workbook not only disciplines the experiencer into recording these experiences but also to trace their development or growth over time.

This is a workbook that offers the opportunity to add over 100 journal entries meaning that over time a real picture can be formed in the way these signs manifest, their diverse and subtle nature along with personal interpretation that we ascribe to them.

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