Project Blue Moon by Dolon N. Ares

Project Blue Moon by Dolon N. Ares

The NASA Moon Landings of 1969 were only one small part in a much more important CIA black-ops project called ‘ Project Blue Moon’. This project involved contact with extra-terrestrial star-beings from Sirius and a joint operation that took place on the dark side of the Moon – it is still going on today!

Conspiracy, history, and science fiction collide as author Dolon N. Ares uncovers many of the mysteries of history in a wild science fiction adventure ride doused with cosmic humor that will leave you thirsting for much more. This delightfully entertaining science fiction romp for all ages will leave you wondering, have you learned the truth or is it fiction? Are the conspiracies actually uncovered? Is the conspiracy in plain sight? Only the reader can decide for sure.

The information contained in Project Blue Moon has been kept from the public for generations. Now for the first time ever it is leaked for the entire world to see. The fate of Earth depends upon solving the conspiracy.

Book Details

  • Title: Project Blue Moon
  • Author: Dolon N. Ares
  • Paperback: 206 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (5 Sep 2013)
  • ISBN: 1492237183

Book Contents

  • Prologue: Project Blue Moon
  • Chapter 1: Golden Sails Across the Sky
  • Chapter 2: Letters From Home
  • Chapter 3: It Rang Like a Bell
  • Chapter 4: Incident at Roswell
  • Chapter 5: Gypsies in the Palace
  • Chapter 6: Only Nixon can Go To Danaides
  • Chapter 7: Let’s Make a Deal
  • Chapter 8: Project Blue Moon Begins
  • Chapter 9: But Why Some Say the Moon?
  • hapter 10: Project Danaides
  • Chapter 11: Oceanus Prime
  • Chapter 12: Cercopes and Arke
  • Chapter 13: Ex Luna Scientis
  • Chapter 14: Dianaides XIII
  • Chapter 15: Convenant of Arke
  • Chapter 16: Cabeat Attemptor
  • Chapter 17: Unius Potestas
  • Chapter 18: Veni VidiVici
  • Chapter 19: Cave Fatuous
  • Chapter 20: The Sister Planet
  • Chapter 21: Soclus
  • Chapter 22: Je Vois Tout
  • Chapter 23: Summum Bonum
  • Chapter 24: Novos Ordo Seclorum
  • Chapter 25: Ex Post Facto
  • Appendix A: Interstellar Guide to Legends
  • Appendix B: Facts of the Matter
  • Appendix C: NASA Speaks
  • Appendix D: Earthly Discolusre

Book Synopsis

The date is 21st July 1969 and whilst the world has its eyes glued to the TV screens watching the global, mass-mind pantomime that has subsequently been referred to as the ‘Moon Landings’ events were taking place behind the scenes which the author maintains (via his insider CIA contact) that centered upon extra-terrestrial contact between the Apollo 11 commander Michael Collins as he orbited the dark side of the Moon, and a delegation of extra-terrestrials from Sirius.

This event took place with the full prior knowledge of the US president and NASA and was the culmination of a stand off between the US Military and the Sirians ever since the Roswell Crash way back in 1947.

The CIA whistle-blower reveals his part in Project Blue Moon – a black-ops project that enabled him to transport to the dark side of the Moon and to participate in the Sirians work in removing water from the Earth. The Moon is determined to be hollow by NASA and the advanced beings from Sirius reveal how our current Moon, or Danaides III, is the third of three Moons created by Sirians and moved from their star system and into an orbiting position within our Solar System.

The contact with the Sirians is said to have improved and as a consequence the informer is able to share a great deal of information about Sirius, the Sirians, their ancient history and their fascination with the water found on planet Earth.

Later on in the book other important figures in the narrative are introduced including Cassandra Hera, Claudia Quinta and a Sirian-sourced substance called ‘Tetron’.


Over the past few years there has been a seemingly endless stream of ex-CIA, FBI and NASA whistle-blowers who have come out of hiding to reveal the secrets of one military black-ops project or another. The story related by one ‘Adam Smith’ in this book is, however, yet another example of someone who has failed to provide any sort of tangible evidence to support their claims.

Before commenting on whether this book had any merit or not I did some research into its key elements and in no area of the story, as told here, was I able to confirm any aspect of the information given.

The account given here of US Government and Sirian contact is an engaging one as indeed are the various interpretations of the Roswell Crash cover-up and the response to the perceived ET threat by various US presidents.

However, irrespective of the value of the book as entertainment, it singularly fails to hold any credence whatsoever due to the many errors regarding its description of military operations, hierarchal and security policy within the CIA and/or NASA. It also stretches credulity on so many levels and its explanation of the true source of Global-Warming is sheer invention.

So what we have here is a piece of out and out fiction that incorporates many key elements of the current conspiracy movement. In this way its themes will ‘resonate’ with amateur researchers and yet given even a cursory once-over it so evidently is more riddled with holes than a Swiss cheese.

At no time did the author challenge or force the narrator to elucidate on any of the details of the military operations on the dark side of the Moon or of the nature and the that he performed as ‘Ambassador Smith’ – a promotion he was supposedly elevated to without proper recourse to standard procedures.

I did speak earlier of its value as entertainment; however this lasts only for the first few chapters after which it begins to deal with a supposed dysfunction and symbiotic relationship between the Sirians and two other star groups. This very quickly becomes utterly tedious and suggests that the narrator simply ran out of ideas of where to take the core plot line. Finally, it dribbles off to an inevitable conclusion leaving the reader with the feeling that would be half an hour of his life he would never get back again.

Summing Up
This book, and I use the term very broadly, is without doubt a joke with the humour taken out. I simply fail to understand why people write this sort of drivel.

Whilst some of us actively get off our backsides and work tirelessly to get the real ET message out there our best efforts are hampered with this sort of inane drivel. Like UFO film hoaxing it adds nothing whatsoever to the debate and requires our time and energy to expose and refute it.

I trust that I have achieved that much regarding this pile of effluent.

Avoid at all costs!

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