Saucers of the Illuminati by Jim Keith

Saucers of the Illuminati by Jim Keith

Groundbreaking research for the truth behind stories of alien invasion, secret underground bases, and secret plans for the New World Order. Conspiracy expert Keith’s final book on UFOs exposes the secret, sinister cabal that manufactures UFOs and uses them for their own purposes: the control and manipulation of the population of Earth.

Book Contents

  • Introduction
  • 1. A Process of Decoding
  • 2. The Human Factor
  • 3. The Mind Manipulators
  • 4. Infiltration
  • 5. MJ-12
  • 6. A Symbolic Odyssey
  • 7. Increase of Resolution
  • 8. Philip K. Dick and the Illuminati
  • 9. The Sirius Connection
  • 10. Demons and Adepts
  • 11. Occult Espionage
  • 12. The Year of Light
  • UFOs at the Edge of Reality


In 1993, a two-hundred copy photocopied “researcher’s edition” of Jim Keiths’ book Saucers of the Illuminati was rushed into print by IllumiNet Press. The purpose of this was “…to get into print certain interesting connections that I had made between occult philosophy, the lore of UFOs, and the totalitarian New World Order.”

This small, home-produced publication soon went out of print but it eventually resurfaced again in 1998 in an expanded format that included an additional text, titled UFOs at the Edge of Reality. This was a transcript of a lecture delivered by Keith in Atlanta, Georgia in 1995.

This review refers to this later edition of Saucers of the Illuminati.

Jim Keith’s interest with the alien phenomenon started back in 1972 following a nocturnal visitation from a Grey alien. This event caused him to challenge the very nature of the UFO phenomenon, our beief in what constitutes normal reality and which then ultimately led to the writing of this book.

In the opening chapters to ‘Suacers of the Illuminati’ Keith examines aspects of modern reality and consciousness as a result of mind manipulation by US government agencies. He does not shy away from speculating that in some way there might be a connection between the dark forces seeking worldwide control and manipulation of all human society and ceratin aspects of the alien contactee mystery. From here it is but a small step into considering whether not only are UFO experiences partly controlled by clandestine government black projects but whether this might extend into direct manipulation of UFO researchers. via infiltration of research groups.

One of the primary examples of the dis-information campaign being waged against UFO research that Keith explores centered upon the release of the highly contentious MJ-12 document which came to light in 1987. The author is of the opinion that these were faked papers released with the deliberate intention of adding confusion to UDO circles.

At this point Keith in the book begins to draw the possible influence of the Dog Star Sirius into the narrative by citing the case of Martti Koski who in 1976 began to hear audio transmissions in his head. These messages initially purported to be from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police telling him that he had been chosn to be a spy but then later on they revealed Sirius as their.

Chapter 8 of Saucers of the Illuminati deals specifically with the science fiction writer Philip K Dick and his VALIS stories based around a supposed Sirian computer beaming mind-control messages from deep space. Further connections to Sirius are then made through the sacred traditions of the Dogon Tribe and their intimate knowledge of the Sirian star system.

From this point onwards the book gathers speed and the reader is whipped through a condensed esoteric history of the post-war period with an examination of modern Freemasonry, the LSD movement, assassination of JFK and the work of occultist Aleister Crowley. The glue holding this altogether seeming to be the nefarious antics of CIA agents and 33rd degree Freemasons.

Finally, in the last chapter the reader is invited to consider the prophecies and speculations of the author regarding the Millennium and the imposition of a One World Government some time around the year 2000A.D. – possibly initiated at the total breakdown of society brought about by the Millennium Bug (this, you may recall, was believed to be a serious threat to all technological societies brought about by slack computer programming code many decades earlier). Sadly, Jim Keith was not alive long enough to see whether his predictions would come true or not.


In many regards, Saucers of the Illuminati has slipped under the radar and is probably a book that is missing from the book-shelves of most UFO researchers and conspiracy theorists. The reason for this might just be because it considers various links and lineages which are only to be found on the outskirts of normal ‘aliens-come-from-the-stars-and-are-good-guys’ type of hypothesis.

Over recent years, the UFO phenomenon has begun to embrace darker aspects of occultism and political manipulation with other writers starting to tie up the same ends and arriving at similar conclusions to Keith’s. However, way back in 1998 when this book was first released, it was considered to be very fringe indeed.

Other than the rather tired and innacurate final chapter on the Millenium a great deal of the material in ‘Saucers of the Illuminati’ still stands up as being the most powerful, challenging and thought-provoking insights into the Sirius/ET/Government connections. Most interestingly though it is the additional lecture material from 1995 that closes this book that is probably the mpost powerful and compelling commentary on the nature of UFOs and reality to be found within the whole publication.

Jim Keiths’ ‘death’ was indeed a tragic loss of a great independent mind who probably got a lot closer to the truth than many people would have liked. One can only speculate on what direction his investigative work in the area of aliens and sectret governments might have revealed.

In my opinion, Saucers of the Illuminati is a highly disturbing book but is one that we all aught perhaps to read and to consider in light of post 9/11 events. I recommend it to anyone who is prepared to have their concept of reality radically and fundamentally challenged.

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