The Book of Dog Magic by Sophia and Denny Sargent

The Book of Dog Magic by Sophia and Denny Sargent

It is estimated that as many as a third of all Americans have one or more canine companions. For many families the pet has become a central figure in their social and domestic life.

Whilst dog ownership on this scale might be a relatively modern phenomenon there is evidence that suggests the relationship between humans and canines goes way back into the dark recesses of history.

There is no doubt that dogs play a very specific supporting and nurturing role in most families who own them but there are, of course, many breeds of working dogs who aid humanity in a wide variety of other ways.

A Magickal Animal

In her publication The Book of Dog Magic, best-selling New Age author and psychic Sophia explores the esoteric side of dog: along with contributions to the subject by Denny Sargent. Denny is a writer, author and university instructor who has been initiated into the Western Hermetic and Tantric traditions.

Together, they have written an in-depth treatise on the ancient and modern magic surrounding man’s best friend.

The book is split into a number of different aspects of magical thought but before they expand upon these the authors include guidance on how to use your psychic skills to pick the most appropriate dog for your and your family’s needs. This includes the use of spells to help you to find the perfect breed, to invite a dog into your life, and to pick the best puppy from a large litter.

Other meditations included in the book are intended to help you find your new pets magical name, to help the bonding process between the two of you, and to create a psychic tie that ensures your animal’s faithfulness to its new owner.

Healing Power of Dogs

Dog owners will always have a story to tell you of how their animals, at one time or another, helped to heal them of some physical ailment.

In commenting on this, Sophia traces the mythological themes related to the dog as a divine healing helper. She advises her readers on ways to tap into this powerful dynamic with your pet so as to strengthen that healing connection.

Once again these practical exercises are based around simple spells and meditations – some of which are designed t strengthen your dog’s own health and healing capabilities.

Dog Protection

Dogs have always been used for security and the guarding of families and society in general. In a magical sense this form of protection extends even further than simply using the animal to scare of intruders.

In The Book of Dog Magic, the authors include spells formulated to strengthen your animal’s protecting qualities as well as to help them in their important role as guardians of the home. They also feature meditations and charms formulated to help your animal to perform other tasks in a family’s life; such locating lost items, acting as an effective guide dog, tracking, and locating a perfect home for you all.

Dog Divination

Throughout history dogs have always been closely associated with the art of divination and magic. Indeed many owners will readily attest to their pet’s strong psychic abilities.

This subject is covered in detail in the book with a comprehensive look back at the role dogs have played in magical mythology. The spells and meditations offered here include those for determining your own inner canine spirit, diving a dog charm, strengthening totem canine power, helping your animal to find its own sense of spirit, and even for telling your dog’s fortune.

Dog Stars

In the final chapter of the book, the authors include more advanced dog magic work: with reference to the stars and to the most significant star of all. Sirius – the Dog Star.

Once again, the authors delve into the mythological and cosmological associations; and specifically those between the dog, Ancient Egypt – one of many civilizations that venerated Sirius, and astrology.

Finally, the subject of dog chakras – their colors and associations closes the book along with a glossary of dog spirits and deities that are associated with the most popular of all family pets.


I trust that I have been able to convey an impression of this book as one that shows it is by no means as tacky and flakey as one might initially suppose.

I am not a dog-lover and have never owned one but I must say that I absolutely loved this book.

Firstly, the publication has been beautifully created in a hardcover version that lends the subject a sense of gravitas. The structure of the text is clear and readable whilst the balance between practical modern magic and ancient dog lore is a good one.

This is not really a book for the casual dog owner though. However it will be of great interest to Wiccans, Pagans and magicians who appreciate in their interactions with their dog companions a deeper psychospiritual connection.

I would have liked to have read more about the dog as a totem guide, familiar, and Shamanic animal companion for those of us who do not own a dog but this is not a serious quibble. For everyone else who has an abiding interest in spellwork and who also has a desire to develop a closer, more magical and intuitive understanding of their dogs this is a delightful, inspiring and fascinating book.