The Lion People by Murry Hope

The Lion People by Murry Hope

  • Title: The Lion People: Intercosmic Messages from the Future
  • Author: Murry Hope
  • ISBN: 1-870450-01-9
  • Publisher: Thoth Publications
  • Year of Publication: 1988

Publisher’s Description

Murry Hope, author of eight books and one of the leading writers on the metaphysics and paraspychology of ancient beliefs, reveals her telepathic communications with the PASCHATS, a race of leonine beings from another world and another time.


  • How all life relates to the Central Creative Force
  • The reality of other intelligent forms in the universe
  • The nature of death, karma and reincarnation
  • Why some people seem to have an easy life while others suffer
  • How to make time your friends not your enemy
  • A new concept of good and evil
  • Proceedures of healing and self-healing
  • New and intriguing ways of self-discovery
  • The cosmic connection between Sirius and the planet Earth

The author also provides evidence from historical sources, ancient arcane traditions, art, anthropology and astronomy which lend credence to the existence of PASCHATS and support from their message.
If you feel an afinity with felines you will love THE LION PEOPLE, a fascinating and gripping revelation from Outer Space and Outer Time.They are watching, guiding and caring! They are the Lion People.

Book Contents

  • Part One – The Paschats and Crystal People, Time, Earth, Reincarnation, Communication, Healing Good and Evil, Why Me?, The Teacher, Paschat Exercises and Meditations
  • Part Two – Inner and Outer Time, Sirius, Lion Consciousness and the Law of Synchronicity, Dreams and Time Slips, Symbols: The Keys to Outer Time, Time for Thought, Bibliography
    The Paschats are reputed to be a benevolent, feline race that exists on Sirius. In ‘The Lion People’, the respected author Murry Hope reveals previous unknown details about these people and the nature of their lives.


Around the age of fifty, Murry Hope entered a course of hypnotic regression during which memories came to the surface of a race of beings which which she had pre-birth experience. These enigmatic creatures were essentially ‘lionine’ in nature and she came to know them as the Paschats.
Once the (re)connection had been established between the author and the Paschats a series of exchanges or telepathic communications developed over a period from 1980 to 1987 on a wide range of metaphysical subjects. ‘The Lion People: Intercosmic Messages from the Future’ is a written account of the exchanges that took place.
From the start of the transmissions it became established by the Paschats that they in fact originated from a time-zone outside of our own – and from an area of the Universe that we identify as Sirius. They speak only a little of the home and the conditions that formulate their existence for they are not in themselves the focus of the messages in the text preferring instead to relay information on a much broader cosmic scale.
The book itself is not large – coming in at only 126 pages, many of which comprise commentary by the author herself so unfortunately there are not reams of galactic tidbits to be enjoyed. Nevertheless the topics covered are of real interest and the language/terminology used is easily comprehendible. Woven into the text is a strong emphasis on time-zones and even some practical advice on how to utilise them on a personal level. This is very interesting to anyone with a particular interest in such subjects as stargates.


Although there may be a very strong argument for suggesting that a link can be forged between Sirius, Lion worship in Ancient Egypt and Cosmic Guardians this is not the book to do it. Instead I would recommend that ‘The Lion People’ is read in parallel with Murry Hopes’ ‘The Sirius Connection’ in order to get a real understanding of any possible links.

However, on its own, The Lion People offers a very interesting insight into a less-commonly researched area of Sirian interest – namely the nature of inhabitants of this star system. Much is spoken of cosmic bretheren from Sirius throughout both ancient and modern texts and Murry Hopes’ contribution to the discussion may well bring some interesting and important ideas to the forum.

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