The Magical Shield by Frater U D

The Magical Shield by Frater U D

It is my personal opinion that no practical spiritual work should be undertaken without the creation of a strong foundation in the art of psychic defence.

It’s a dangerous world out there Inner Space and the terrain is replete with astral highwaymen, robbers and nairdowells who are only too happy to feed off your life force and lead you into spiritual pitfalls of many types.

Holistic Security Magic

Frater UD is a practicing occultist who has to date written more than thirty- five books on various subjects related to magic.

In The Magical Shield he focuses upon the work of psychic protection from all manner of astral interference; including curses, energy vampires, and bewitchments.

Using a mu.titude of techniques that includes sigils, mantras, mudras, rituals, use of spiritual allies and self-assertiveness, he presents his own unique take on what psychic interference is and how it can be avoided.

Each chapter of The Magical Shield includes commentary on the nature of the human condition from a variety of different angles as well as specific practical advice on how to learn those techniques by which you can ensure that your spiritual, emotional and psychological space is not emcrouched upon.

Our Review of The Magical Shield by Frater UD

Frater UD is German by birth. This is not meant to be any sort of racial or cultural slur but simply means that the original text for this publication would have been written in his native tongue.

And here is where this book runs into problems, for in the main it is not a text that translates comfortably into English.

Thus the result is that it is a book that is not only a dry, somewhat tedious and bloated piece of writing but that it also is darned hard work to try and read.

Trying to pick anything of value from its pages is also a problem given that it actually contains a plethora of nonsensical occult philosophy and very little valuable content.

If it were not for the inexplicably bad renditions of English verbiage to punctuate the consciousness the reader might be forgiven for simply falling asleep after the first couple of pages.

And if you think I am exaggerating here then just wrap your head around one example taken completely at random from the book.

It’s a part of the automization of the untutored human motoric always to steer towards the closest, or more precisely, the next-closest-seeming support point.

Or how about “Impulsing in circular phases.‘ as a piece of practical magical advice?

Did anybody actually assess this material for its readability before it went to print?