The New Sirian Revelations by Patricia Cori

The New Sirian Revelations by Patricia Cori

The New Sirian Revelations focuses on on-going communications between Patricia Cori and discarnate entities who identify themselves as three primary Speakers of the Sirian High Council.

The author originally made contact with this group following a psychic experience that took place close to a UK crop circle back in 1996. This connection later led to the publication of a number of Sirian Transmissions books, including The Starseed Dialogues, Cosmos of Soul, Atlantis Rising (Read my review here), and No More Secrets, No More Lies (read my review here).

Following this spate of channeled messages between Cori and the High Council a prolonged break in communications occurred but the author now returns with a new book of transcripts detailing recent transmissions.

Who Are The Speakers?

Cori’s current Sirian contacts describe their state of consciousness as being ‘midway of the sixth dimension”. Their exact location is said to be on an ascended star they refer to as Satais and which is more commonly known by us on planet earth as Sirius B.

In their opening statement in The New Sirian Revelations the Speakers confirm the mythological legends and ancient texts which highlight to the importance of the star Sirius. They also point out that as the star continues to move from its position in the heavens to one nearer to our own solar system so its impact and effect upon our planet”s spiritual transformation will become evermore evident.

It is from their perspective as ascended light-beings of consciousness that the Speakers reveal throughout this book the immense impact this transition will have upon humanity, all societies, and the collective unconscious – aspects which they recognise as being difficult for us to integrate as a species due to our reliance upon three-dimensional thinking.

They maintain that this transition into a New World is already fully activated and its effect is becoming far-reaching. They state that we are, “…slipping in and out of your present density, catching an occasional wave of the fourth dimension as it washes over the terra firma of your perception.”

Hyper-Dimensional Physics

The transcripts of the communications offered in The New Sirian Revelations have a strong emphasis towards metaphysics and advanced quantum realities. Cori states, for example, that whilst the human race is moving increasingly towards a deeper understanding of the ‘Universal’ and its complexities, we are still failing to grasp the nature of a living rather than dark and empty environment out there within the space occupied by the stars.

The Speakers also describe how, for the main part, inter-galactic travel is facilitated by all advanced space civilisations via a system of tubes or tunnels which operate even beyond the role as arbitrary energy vortices or portals. Whilst on the face of it we are still fixated with the concept of space travel as a process of relocation over distance the Speakers state that in truth we have actually been able to travel out there in space since before the Second World War using these advanced principles of relocation.

Solar Transformation

In later stages of The New Sirius Revelations the Speakers expand further upon the Earth changes by explaining how the Sun is driving this process. On one level the effect of this is bringing about the apparent deep decline in the fortunes of the planet; however, as they explain, this is somewhat illusionary and is the result of the greater illumination which humanity needs to be active in transmutating our 3D reality during this challenging time.

For those who would seek a date for the completion of this transition into a fourth dimension there appears to be no definitive time-frame. In the transcripts the Speakers explain that they are as yet unable to supply an accurate timeline; seemingly it is solely a process that Ra, our Sun, needs to complete in its own time and way.

The Sun, of course, holds jurisdiction over all of the planets in our system which means that it is not only the Earth that is being deeply impacted these changes. As the Speakers point out, so are related planetary bodies such as Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, and even Pluto which, according to current astronomical thinking, is no longer a planet.

External and Internal Influence

In the final section of The New Sirian Revelations Cori channels some particularly uncomfortable material related to the Dark Cabal, the threat of nuclear annihilation, the on-going psychological control of humanity through technology, and the effect of emerging scientific fields such as cybernetics.

In addition, they also warn about threats posed to the future of humanity by negative alien species – which, they insist, is as grave and foreboding as the cross-contamination of human and extraterrestrials which many in the field of UFO research maintain is taking place.

All-in-all this paints a picture of a dark, dystopian World into which we are all been slowly drawn via our home-based and personal technological gadgets. In this regard the warning from the Speakers is clear and unequivocal. Turn off all forms of modern electronic communication devices or prepare to lose your Soul, your liberty and your sanity to the dark forces.

Reasons for Optimism

On the face of it, whilst the End of Days seems to be bearing down upon us at a frightening rate, the Speakers closing message remains upbeat and positive. Their message is that of hope.

Do not lose your faith in humanity. The antiquated model of civilization in perpetual struggle will soon be replaced with a new fraternity. To say that you have so much to look forward to is an understatement of unparalleled proportions!


It’s been a long time since the Sirian High Council last communicated through Patricia Cori to any meaningful degree and the space between then and now is very evident in The New Sirian Revelations.

Over twenty years have passed since her initial Sirian messages entered Cori’s life and throughout this time Western society has become darker, more threatening, and more dysfunctional than anyone could have imagined in their darkest moments back then. Sadly, according to the Speakers, there is the likelihood that it is going to get a whole lot worse before anything improves.

Whilst so much has changed – and in particular awareness of the ET presence has grown exponentially since then, this book does not specifically address the issues that most starseeds have to contend with in their daily challenges working to help Gaia and Ra transmutate.

In this regard this book is a little disappointing and I felt that an opportunity was lost here by the Sirians to put the record straight regarding many of the people, events, conspiracies, and controversies that have coloured the past two decades and which have so often mudded the waters regarding important questions related to ET contact.

Important Note

Whilst I generally view Cori’s previous channeled work favourably it would be remiss of me to recommend this book to potential purchasers whilst not addressing a vitally important caveat.

These are indeed dark times and every piece of information and insight presented to us by those professing to be spiritual masters, high-ranking emissaries of light, or even the angels themselves, must be tested for their accuracy, honesty, and integrity. The inner planes are as populated with false purveyors of ‘truth’ as is our wholly discredited celebrity-centric UFO and ET research fields here on the third dimension.

In The New Sirian Revelations the author does not apply this important process of discrimination and instead offers the transcripts of her communications with no explanation of how the process was initiated or conducted. In fact, the dialogue which takes place between herself and the Sirians is a totally one-way process. At no point within the book does she respond directly to the Speakers transmissions other than through the odd commentary and reference to her previous works. There are no challenging questions which makes for a dangerously lopsided conversation. I feel that the issues presented in this book are of such importance and magnitude it is vital not to take them at face value but to challenge them at every stage.

Nevertheless, if you accept Cori’s message on face value and feel comfortable with their source, then The New Sirian Revelations is, for all that, a truly valuable and insightful publication. Its introduction in particular is both powerful and moving whilst its closing is climactic and inspirational. Between the two the author and the Speakers paint a fascinating picture of the machinations of the Solar System along with the part that Sirius and Ra are purported to be playing in ejecting the gross negativity – both human and extraterrestrial, from this corner of the Universe.

Whilst this book of Sirian revelations will not add much that has not already been presented by Cori in her previous works, and as such will not be new to followers of her previous communications, this is a book that carries a vital energy about which, whilst not exactly engaging in a victory lap following the battle to overcome the forces of darkness, does contain a sense that the descent into an inescapable hole for humanity is not quite so certain as it seemed previously.