The Paschats and the Crystal People by Murry Hope

The Paschats and the Crystal People by Murry Hope

In The Paschats and the Crystal People leading metaphysical writer and researcher Murry Hope shares her insights and revelations from her spiritual guides.

These relate to mankind’s future and to that of planet Earth. Covering a wide range of subjects including transformations brought about by an eventual pole shift; cosmic genetic engineering; the quasi-crystal mystery; the role played by radioactivity in evolution; science and the occult; and much more.

Drawn from channelled material through the Paschats, a race of leonine beings based around the binary star system of Sirius and from what we call our future.

If you feel an affinity with felines, you will love The Paschats And The Crystal People, a fascinating and gripping revelation. These advanced friendly races of lion-people are watching, guiding and caring

Book Details<

  • Title: The Paschats and the Crystal People
  • Author: Murry Hope
  • Paperback: 132 pages
  • Publisher: Thoth Publications (Oct 1992)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 1870450132

Book Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – KAINI
  • Chapter 2 – MIKILI AND KAINI
  • Chapter 4 – THE CRYSTAL PEOPLE
  • Chapter 5 – MIKILI
  • Chapter 6 – THE CRYSTAL PEOPLE
  • Chapter 8 – MIKILI
  • >Chapter 9 – THE CRYSTAL PEOPLE
  • Bibliography


Today, information about the feline beings from Sirius – a group that Murry Hope came to call The Paschats, is becoming rather more available than it first was. However, way back in the 1990s when Murry first wrote about a pair of lion-headed beings who exuded great warmth and love, but above all an air of magnificence and authority, she was the first writer to introduce to the world an inter-dimensional group that she felt were both very ancient and very wise.

In her autobiography, The Changeling, Murry described how she first met her two feline guides while living in Cheltenham, England. The result of this encounter was two books. The first being The Lion People published in 1988 (read my review here) and the second being this one: The Paschats and the Lion People (although Murry did also write The Sirius Connection, published 1991 (see my review of this here) in which she revealed her research into the worship and deification of these Leonine beings, or Cat-People during the Ancient Egyptian times).

The Paschats and the Crystal People’ is a larger and more complex publication than The Lion People. It is still based around the channellings and question and answer sessions that Murry had with her guides but the conversations deal with metaphysical concepts and ideas that are deeper and more challenging.

Murry opens the book by commenting on her initial reticence regarding her revealing of the existence of the Leonines – a decision she felt was vindicated by others who also came forth to say that they too had also been in contact with the Lion-headed Sirians. She then speaks a little of Dr Charles Muses and his Lion Path work before talking about her two guides, named Kaono and Makili and the important role they played in bringing this advanced spiritual information to the World.

The Paschats and the Crystal People then begins by Kaini describing their connections to Sirius along with information regarding their companions The Crystal People – a group who who also originated from a planet with in the Sirian star system.

Following this introduction, the book starts the Q and A format which continues throughout with Murry posing sometimes complex questions on the nature of time, healing (personal and planetary), archetypes, group souls, anti-matter and parallel worlds.

Summing Up
Up until recently, copies of this out-of-print publication have been going for crazy prices on the secondhand book market. However, it has now been republished in its original format and with the same cover design. As a long term fan of Murry hope this has been viewed as a great move and I hope more of her titles will return to our shops.

This is a book that will fascinate both students of the Sirian mysteries as well as those who are increasingly finding themselves overshadowed by the Leonines or Cat-People. This secretive and private being rarely expose themselves to human contact which is why ‘The Paschats and the Crystal People’ is a little special as a research resource.

Despite the complexity of some of the metaphysical principles revealed within its pages this is a publication that is readable and accessible even today. In its time this sort of channelled material was not common but for many writers the Q and A style of channelled writing has become an increasingly popular method of getting over key issues to the reader.

‘The Paschats and the Crystal People’ is not an overly long, complex or dry publication by any means but it does challenge the reader and offer a glimpse into a way humanity and life on this planet is perceivedIt by fifth-dimensional beings.

It is both warm and humorous in some parts and positive and uplifting throughout. It may be best read following the earlier ‘The Lion People’ but this is not essential.

As always Murry Hope has delivered in this short book – one that is no less important than any of her other metaphysical works but which is characterised by important revelations regarding Sirius and the Paschats.

A highly recommended read!

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