The Sirius Papers by Ray Logan

The Sirius Papers by Ray Logan

  • Title: The Sirius Papers
  • Author: Ray Logan
  • Publication Date: 2003
  • Paperback: 211 pages
  • Publisher: Overlord Communications (Publications)
  • ISBN-10: 0954417100

About This Book

This is a most unusual book that will challenge ‘world-thinking’ on almost every aspect of human existence, highlighting the hypocrisy and confusion that is wide-spread today throughout the planet. Within these pages are eight hundred and twenty nine practical human questions, all answered by alien intelligences that are over three million years ahead of our evolution.

The topics include

  • Our purpose in the grand scheme
  • The origin of the human race
  • How to communicate with the Universal Mind
  • Genetic manipulation by higher intelligences
  • Inter-galactic space travel
  • Historical events unveiled
  • Startling information on gender issues
  • World religions and their present status
  • Global Myths
  • Human hybrids
  • “The Men In Black”
  • Who are the 11-hour people?
  • Our possible destruction

Ray Logan was a contactee from a very early age. Later on in life he experienced several UFO sightings and somewhat bizarre coincidences which culminated in his meeting with a group of inner plane guides from the star Sirius whom he came to know as ‘The Overlords’. This is an account of his personal experiences with this advanced race of extra-terrestrials and the messages that were relayed to mankind through him.

Content Description

The Sirius Papers interweaves between a personal account of the author’s life in the English Navy, and later on as an executive taxi driver around London, with his experiences with UFOs and extra-terrestrials both around the capital and during his earlier years around his hometown of Sunderland.

Fairly late on in life, Ray began to experience telepathic communications which were interspersed with frequent UFO sightings, meetings with ‘odd men’ and numerous strange synchronicities.

As a closer relationship developed between Ray and the group of beings, a free flow of information emerged about the nature of life on this planet, its occupants and their challenges in the future. From this set questions and answers sessions were developed between the Overlords and other members of Rays close group of followers in which a wide range of questions were posed – and freely answered.


The Sirius Papers is such a fun publication. Its loose style of presentation has made the content so much more managable for it arrives in bite-sized pieces with each page interlaced with line drawings and illustrations. Ray Logan was by all accounts a fascinating character – a great sense of which permeates this home-produced publication. After all, when was the last time that you read a metaphysical book in landscape mode?

As I mentioned earlier, this is actually two books in one. On the first hand it is a personal account by the author of the events in his life that led up to the meeting with the Sirians. These are entertaining and add tremendously to an appreciation that this is no ordinary ‘contactee’ experience but one that is permeated throughout with very practical and reality-based perceptions.

These personal recollections are woven into the book with the main bulk of material which are transcripts of the questions asked of the Sirians and their answers – some of which are rather surprising … but then so are some of the questions.

Every subject imaginable is posed of the Overlords. These range from basic enquiries about the nature of earth changes (Remember: that these sessions were convened way back in 1981 when the planet’s ecological problems were still not widely appreciated) through to Darwin and the Lock Ness Monster.

Each question is answered with clarity and humility so there is no question of lecturing humanity about amending its ways but a general and sympathetic unveiling of the consequences of our actions — a bit like the way an adult would approach a young child. There are only a few direct references in the book to the Sirians and to Sirius itself which is a little disappointing as this fascinates me most. Nevertheless, the whole ‘ambiance’ of the communications are wholly consistent with other Sirian messages received by other writers.

In the main, I loved The Sirius Papers.

Its general premise must have been revolutionary back nearly forty years ago when it was first published but for all that is it worth buying a copy today? Yes, I would most definitely say that it is for as light-hearted as its presentation is the actual content is extremely important in this day and age we find ourselves in.

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