We are always pleased to consider any requests that are submitted to us for a product review on our Spirituality Today website

Simply use our online contact form at Contact Us with details of your book, DVD, CD etc. and we will get back to you with further details ASAP.

You may wish to refer to the following Frequently Asked Questions for general guidance on how our review and submissions process works.

What are the advantages of having a product reviewed by us?

In today’s competitive marketplace, the internet serves as a vitally important resource for potential customers who rely upon feedback from other purchasers before determining whether a product is suitable for their needs or not.

We offer visitors to our website the opportunity to read a full, independent analysis/review of a product which means that we can link publishers and authors to a global market of prospective customers.

Who can submit a request?

We are happy to receive requests from any author, writer, publisher, publishing house, marketing/distribution network etc for a product review.

If you are an author and connected to a specific marketing or promotion company then it might be better to channel your request through them.

How do I submit a request?

Please Contact Us with details of your product and, if we are happy to accept it for review, then we will send you further information on how and where to send your product to us.

What can you review?

We are able to review any type of product (e.g. book, DVD, audio CD. etc.) However, we are at this time only able to review physical products and do not accept digital submissions such as MP3s, video downloads or ebooks.

The reason for this is that we review a product based upon such critreria as quality of manufacture, durability during use of the item as well as consideration of its overall presentation. This is obviously not possible with most ‘virtual products’.

How long will it take for my review to appear on your website?

We aim to review a product with 2–3 weeks of receiving it. We generally operate on a linear timescale and so your product will be added to our list sequentially.

We do, however, try to work closley with publishers and within their own marketing time-scales which means that we occasionally make adjustments to this procedure.

For example, if so requested, we may synchronize the publishing of our review with a products’ planned launch date.

Where does the review of my product appear?

Once we receive a product for review we include it in our ‘Coming Soon‘ section of our website.

When the review is published we move it into a specific category on the website that we feel is best suited to its subject matter.

In addition to the main review we will also write a second less-detailed but relevent analysis which outlines the key benefits and any drawbacks to a product for inclusion on the Amazon UK website.

Is a payment required for a product review?

Absolutely and categorically not.

We do, however, reserve the right to insert links into a products’ relevent Amazon product page (if it has one) as this offers us the opportunity to derive a residial stearm of income for ourselves from any resultant purchases.

Any income derived in this manner is not shared with the publisher who will recieve royalties directly from Amazon for any sales; nor does this method impact upon the rating that we finally give to a product.

How will I know when my/our product has been reviewed?

We will email you—as an author—or your marketing manager, publisher etc. with details of the link to the review(s) as soon as they are published.

Do you provide any other promotional service for my products?

Yes. Once a review for a product has been completed we will send details out through our Social Media networks.

These typically include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc.

We make no charge for this service; which we may repeat on subsequent occasions in order to maximise reader awareness of your product and of our review.

(Please note: we do not employ the use of spam or any technique for unsolicited mass-mailings. We do, however, occasionally promote products via our opt-in newsletter. See our Privacy Policy for further details.)

We also include with a review other information that we feel may aid a potential customer in making an informed choice regarding a product.

This includes the addition of an author bio, links to other related websites (such as author websites, Social Media etc.) as well as other information related to other products by the same author.

Is there any other nasty ‘small print’ I should be aware of?

Not really, but……

In accordance with standard reviewing policy we do reserve the right to keep any product that you send to us. If you require that it is returned to you then please make the fact clear in our initial contact.

We will require the sender to cover the costs of return postage.

Also, we will happliy amend any review that you feel contains accidental inaccuracies or false representation.

However, we will not consider under any circumstances changing editorial comment.

My question has not been answered here?

If you need any further information or clarification on our Submissions Policy then please feel free to Contact Us directly through this website.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to receiving your submission shortly!