A vision board is a powerful tool for clarifying and maintaining your focus upon a goal or aspiration. It can be made quite easily and inexpensively from any sort of material so long as you can pin or stick images, photos, notes etc. on to it to represent the personContinue Reading

Conscious Ink by Lisa Barretta

Tattoos have become more socially acceptable than they used to be. Once the identifying mark of reprobates and near-do-wells this ancient method of sacred artwork is being discovered by a new generation of spiritual warriors. In her book Conscious Ink Reiki practitioner, and astrologer, Lisa Barretta explores the use andContinue Reading

Get It Done by Sam Bennett

In this push-button, instant gratification world, we believe that success is easily achieved through the flicking of a switch! Sad to say, it isn’t! Even the most productive artists, writers and musicians face a challenging, personal struggle before they are able to bring their project to fuition. Being creatively talentedContinue Reading