Sirius: Brightest Diamond - Jay B. Holberg

Title: Sirius: Brightest Diamond in the Night Sky Author: Jay B. Holberg Publisher: Springer-Praxis IBSN: 038748941X Year of Publication: 2007 Synopsis Of all the ‘fixed stars’ in the night sky, Sirius is by far the brightest – its flashing brilliance makes it a striking feature of the northern winter sky. Over the centuries, many myths and legends grew up aroundContinue Reading

Day of the Fish by Shannon Dorey

After many years of studying the religion of the Dogon Tribe of Africa, writer and researcher Shannon Dorey has uncovered a deep mystery behind their sacred symbols. This is a mystery that the author maintains was deliberately and extensively suppressed in most places of the ancient world by the Inquisition and the Roman Catholic Church. In Day of the Fish,Continue Reading

Aliens Among Us by Ruth Montgomery

Best-selling author Ruth Montgomery, now offers dramatic new evidence of the extrarterrestrial aliens who are already among us and how they will guide us through the New Age about to dawn at the end of this century. In these pages, you will learn: The secrets of real men and women (including a U.S. president) who have encountered aliens; the secretsContinue Reading

Opening the Door to the Worlds provides horizon-shifting perspective and hope by preserving our reality from a cosmic perspective. Four huge themes are covered – energy healing, presented by the Basidians, a healing collective from Sirius; the nature of the Universe; up-coming earth changes’ and the purpose of life. The author, a retired medical doctor, describes herself as the scribeContinue Reading

The Master of Speech deciphers the ancient mythology of the Dogon, an isolated African tribe who live along a 200-kilometre stretch of escarpment called the Cliffs of Bandiagara near Timbuktu. The French anthropologist Griaule recorded the Dogon mythology in 1947 in his book, Conversations with Ogotemmêli. The Dogon had knowledge of the triple star Sirius system that was told toContinue Reading

EDINA - Message From the Stars by Lois J. Wetzel, MFA

Golden coloured light-beings same size and shape as humans appeared as beams of light to Lois Wetzl around 1998. At the time Lois was working healing and performing a style of Swedish massage along with Reiki and had shamanic training from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies including Soul Retrievals and Power Animal Retrieval sessions. After time this group of star-beingsContinue Reading

The Sirian Seal by Patricia Cori

The Sirian Seal is a symbol or glyph that was presented to esoteric writer and channeller Patricia Cori by the Sirian High Council. Its function is to help align humanity with the spiritual forces that are currently working to shift the human race into a higher level of consciousness. Product Description It is a time of humankind’s greatest potential, butContinue Reading

The Starseed Awakening CD by Patricia Cori

The Starseed Awakening is a collection of deep meditations and personal spiritual insights channeled from the Sirians. Presented and read by universally acclaimed writer and Sirian contactee Patricia Cori, they offer an opportunity to accelerate your spiritual growth and connection to Sirian energies. Product Information Publisher: North Atlantic Books Published: February 17, 2009 Format: Audio CD Language: English ISBN: 978-1556437823Continue Reading

Source: The Gathering Author: William Gambill Page: Preface Parts of this book will work like a spaceship some of you, the vehicle into a that I mentioned is, a subtle experience in which one senses a felt relief, or felt shift. Some of these encounters may prove to have spiritual or even scientific significance; they may not. It may beContinue Reading