Decomposing the Shadow by James W. Jesso

It is difficult to find anyone today who has not, at some point or other in their lives, been firmly and squarely bitten in the proverbial backside as the direct result of some innocent use of one drug or another. For James W Jesso it was the after effects of his initial consumption of the psilocybin mushroom that initiated himContinue Reading

The True Light of Darkness by James W. Jesso

‘Just say no!’ has for several decades been the mantra of the ‘establishment’ in their well-meaning attempt to discourage drug use in the¬†younger generation. Presented as the definitive statement on the subject by those in positions of authority its message is clear and unequivocal. ‘Drugs are bad. Why? Because we say so.’ If only life was that simple and clear-cutContinue Reading