The Witch's Book of Power by Devin Hunter

One of the most significant advances in contemporary spirituality has been the growing general acceptance of Wicca as a legitimate form of religious and spiritual expression. On the other hand one of the most regressive and emaciating aspects to contemporary spirituality has been that core Wiccan principles have become dilitued in this move towards mass acceptance of the Craft throughContinue Reading

Rituals for Beginners by Richard Webster

You do not have to be practising any type of practical spiritual work in order to be engaged in the art and practice of ritual. In fact even before most people start their busy day’s routines they have invariably initiated one ritual or another for getting out of bed in the morning can be classed as a ritual act asContinue Reading

Sea Magic by Sandra Kynes

Who can ever forget those long hot summer days spent as a child exploring the magic and mystery of the seaside? From building sandcastles of seemingly epic proportions through to collecting seashells and fishing in rock pools, the sheer excitement of exploring wide and open beaches and its washed-up treasures remain one of the high points in a young person’s life.Continue Reading

Modern Tantra by Donald Michael Kraig

Tantra is generally understood in today”s more open and better informed climate, to refer to a spiritual tradition of personal enlightenment and self-initiation. This was not always the case for, as the late Donald Michael Kraig, author of Modern Tantra, points out in the introduction to his book ‘Modern Tantra’ the subject has has so often been thought of as a ratherContinue Reading


The city of Berlin in the 1930s was fertile ground for advante-garde philosophers, artists, musicians and freethinkers—but it did not remain that way for long. By the end of the decade, it had turned very dark and the city that had once personified the very essence of social freedom was transformed into the epitome of political insanity. In those few,Continue Reading

365 Ways to Attract Good Luck by Richard Webster

Luck, so the saying goes, is something that you’ve either got or you ain’t! Everyone knows someone who seems to be endlessly, and annoyingly, blessed in the good fortune department. These are those people who appear to draw toward them universal benevolence wherever they go. Conversely. we also know of others who struggle through life with few breaks or opportunitiesContinue Reading

Who Killed Mister Moonlight? by David J Haskins

On January 3, 1979, a relatively unknown post-punk rock group performed their latest composition at the Romany pub in Kingsthorpe, UK for the first time. The band was called Bauhaus 1919 and was named after the Staatliches Bauhaus—a school of architecture based in Weimar, Germany. The composition that got its initial airing that night was the song ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’Continue Reading

Interest in the Tree of Life—an esoteric glyph, drawn from the Jewish Kabbalistic philosophy—has grown significantly over recent decades. As a universal map of spiritual consciousness, it can be found in connection with a large number of differing spiritual traditions. However, most of them describe the Tree of Life in fairly traditional esoteric terms. Unknown to many, and in juxtapositionContinue Reading

Practical Prosperity Magick by Ellen Dugan

In today’s commercial society, having enough money to live a quality life is vital. So much so that, from a magickal perspective, money could well be classed as that all elusive ‘fifth’ element. Money is, of course, a very externalized energy. It is a commodity that extroverts are more inherently in tune with and dispensed toward creating. The problem forContinue Reading

The Book of Celtic Magic by Kristoffer Hughes

Few spiritual disciplines are quite as enduring as the 3000-year-old tradition of Celtic magick. You can still see evidence of its widespread popularity within the landscape of the six primary Celtic nations: Brittany, Cornwall, Wales, Isle of Man, Scotland and Ireland. It is one of the few remaining pre-Christian religions and it continues to be so enduring since it isContinue Reading

As a society, we no longer really mark the transition points in life with due respect to our psycho-spiritual selves. Initiation, in the sense of marking a transition point in our lives, has, today, mainly become a byword for getting very drunk on the occasion of a birthday or being super-glued to a streetlamp in the nude on your stagContinue Reading

The Magickal Union of East and West by Gregory Peters

When Aleister Crowley established the Aeon of Horus in 1904 with his channelled Book of the Law, he set in motion a magickal current that literally changed the world. Whilst the Aeon of Horus has most certainly conformed to the early expectations that Crowley had of it over one hundred years ago the Thelemic community has singularly failed to manifestContinue Reading

Money Magic by Frater U D

No two occultists will ever agree on the magickal source of money. Whilst ancient cultures have looked to our Sun to provide wealth and abundance to their communities whilst many magickal groups look instead to the Goddess and to the Sphere of Luna as a source of wealth and prosperity. Others insist that it is the planet Jupiter that bestowsContinue Reading