Believe and Receive by Melissa Alvarez

The motivation behind most things that people do is generally borne from an initiative to improve life opportunities. Our desire to move into an environment more that is more in keeping with our true psychospiritual energy is something that pushes most people on in life. Our modern commercial and materialContinue Reading

Money Magic by Frater U D

No two occultists will ever agree on the magickal source of money. Whilst ancient cultures have looked to our Sun to provide wealth and abundance to their communities whilst many magickal groups look instead to the Goddess and to the Sphere of Luna as a source of wealth and prosperity.Continue Reading

Financial Sorcery by Jason Miller

In Financial Sorcery Jason Miller, digs deep into magickal theory to present a more concise and focussed approach to manifesting wealth. Opening with a personal commentary on money and the spiritual community the book then explores money as the ancient spirit Mammon before investigating the importance of breath—along with someContinue Reading