Shapeshifters by Nick Redfern

Stories of shape-shifting humans and animals have filled folklore and mythology throughout history. They form part of the myths of our land and the fairy tales that we tell our children. In his book Shapeshifters intrepid paranormal researcher Nick Redfern digs deep into the topic and reveals many strange, and oftenContinue Reading

The Ghosts of Captain Grants Inn by Carol Matsumoto

When Carol Matsumoto purchased a dilapidated house in Poquetanuck, Connecticut she could never have foreseen the psychic and paranormal path that the house  would take her along. Originally built in 1754, this piece of important American history was clearly a challenge on many fronts – not least of all becauseContinue Reading

Aldous Huxley's Hands by Allene Symons

Whilst clearing out personal effects stored in boxes in her family’s home in Long Beach, Allene Symons uncovered a collection of eleven by fourteen inch photographic prints. Doing so caused childhood memories to come flooding back from an earlier time when she had been fascinated by her father’s seven-year passionContinue Reading

Vanquishing Ghosts and Demons by Sandrea Mosses

Sandrea Mosses was first drawn into the realm of ghost hunting following a terrifying experience that during her teens. From that event, she developed a powerful set of psychic skills which has enabled her to see and sense ghosts, demons and evil spirits. Using her psychic gifts, she dedicated herContinue Reading

Haunted Stuff by Stacey Graham

Have you ever bought an object or item from an auction or garage sale that, when you got it home, exhibits strange phenomena? If so, you are not alone. Every year, stories come to light of creepy hauntings of even the most mundane household objects. Sometimes, these can be tracedContinue Reading

The Gods' Machine by Wun Chok Bong

Throughout the World, our natural landscape is littered with extraordinary Neolithic remains. From cairns to stone circles, burial mounds to earthworks, our planet was evidently home to many ancient cultures who, not only venerated life and the Earth, they also possessed advanced mathematical and astronomical knowledge. Over the past fewContinue Reading