psychic skills

Psychic Vision by Melanie Barnum

Back in the late 1960s and early 1970s reports began to circulate from within the normally closed and secretive world of Communist Russia that the Soviets had developed an active interest in psychism and that they were exploring ways by which agents with psychic powers might be able to aid the military in their somewhat phoney Cold War with theContinue Reading

Psychic Abilities for Beginners by Melanie Barnum

Psychic abilities stir the human imagination more than almost any other skill or talent. We tend to be fascinated by others who can see the future, predict up-coming events, know what others are thinking or move objects purely through the power of the mind—all of which is rather strange, given that we are all psychic intuitives to one degree orContinue Reading

Clairvoyance for Beginners by Alexandra Chauran

Few things in this world are quite as disconcerting or disorientating than the experience of psychic awakening. Apart from the difficulties of having to adjust to a new range of seeming super-human powers, the process also, invariably, results in a dramatic changes to the way we view the world, how we see ourselves and how we relate to others. InContinue Reading

The Way of the Psychic Heart by Chad Mercree

If you consider a psychic to be someone with extra-ordinary gifts for seeing the dead or interpreting tea-leaves then this book will change your mind. In The Way of the Psychic Heart, Chad Mercree reveals how being psychic is in fact a natural extension of who we are as human beings. With a slight adjustment toward living and working from ourContinue Reading