Letting Go of Good by Andrea Mathews

There can be little doubt that whilst a great deal of today’s New Age spirituality distances itself from established religions such as Christianity it still harbours more than a thin connection to their traditional values. The most prominent example of this exists in the idea that in order to be a worthy human being we have to be ‘good’, weContinue Reading

Discover Your Authentic Self by Sherrie Dillard

Who are you? Are you a living your life as a fully conscious being aware of every aspect of your true divine nature or are you little more than a train making its way along pre-defined tracks to an unknown destination? In order to survive in this world we all need to compromise our true ourselves to some degree by offeringContinue Reading

Expectation Hangover by Christine Hassler

We all expect so much from life. Whilst some of the things that we desire are within our grasp to attain others are not. In fact sometimes the expectations that are placed upon us are not based in reality. Either way life so very often pans out for us in ways that were either not planned but which emerge asContinue Reading

You Are Not What You Think by David Richo

One of the more contentious debates to be heard within the world of modern spirituality is that which surrounds the perceived role and function of the human ego and the part it plays in defining who we are. Some sources insist that in fact the correct approach to spiritual and psychological development is to completely subsume the ego – toContinue Reading