Cross and Fish Symbols

In this article we take a deeper look at how the Alpha and Omega enigma is encoded into the Major Arcana and what it means in our daily lives. Alpha and Omega are the first (A) and the last (Ω) letters of the Greek alphabet. In this sense, they referContinue Reading

Christlike Figure and Halo of Light

Tarot scholars have often suggested that the cards contain hidden secrets related to Early Gnostic Christianity. In this article we uncover a part off the code the links the cards to this enigma. The esoteric tradition of Christianity has recently been popularised through several books on Mary Magdelene and theContinue Reading

Occult Book and Mystical Symbols

From an occult perspective one card stands above all others in revealing the form and structure of the tarot deck. This is Arcana 1 – THE MAGICIAN. Do you remember the sense of excitement but utter confusion you felt when you opened your first Tarot deck? I do. The profusionContinue Reading

lecture The hidden secrets to creating money and wealth can be found encoded into the Tarot…and in one card in particular! The Four of Pentacles holds many secrets. But all it needs is a little understanding to unlock and reveal what lies within. The Energy of Money Being rich andContinue Reading

Tarot Compendium by Barbara Moore

Tarot Compendium is the third and final book in an innovative and wonderful series. (The first book in the series is Tarot Fundamentals, and the second volume is Tarot Experience.) This book is 655 large, full-color pages, each one with a creative interior layout. The presentation of the juicy contentContinue Reading

Mystical Manga Tarot by Barbara Moore

Visually, the Mystical Manga Tarot sets out to captures the style and spirit of Japanese graphic novels. Illustrated by Rann and with commentary by tarot expert Barbara Moore this boxed-set includes a standard set of seventy-eight tarot cards and accompanying instruction manual. The Cards The Mystical Manga Tarot cards areContinue Reading

Tarot Time Traveller by Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin

In June 1983, Marcus Katz consulted his homemade tarot deck for guidance regarding the correct approach to his study of magick. The Celtic Cross spread that he employed revealed a powerful sequence of cards that portended the beginning of a dramatically spiritual new life for him. Exactly thirty-three years later, and in hisContinue Reading

Tarot Court Cards for Beginners by Leeza Robertson

If you have ever studied the Tarot you will know only too well that it has a predisposition towards describing events, circumstances and outcomes. This bias also appears within most books on Tarot card meanings. Generally speaking the Major Arcana within a deck reveal important life-changing events whilst the Minor ArcanaContinue Reading

Llewellyn's Complete Book of Tarot by Anthony Louis

Whilst the history of the Tarot card’s can be traced back to the early-17th century most of our current understanding of how it works as a fortune-telling device is a lot more recent than that. Most decks these days draw their references from the early days of Tarot’s renaissance –Continue Reading

365 Tarot Spells by Sasha Graham

The Tarot has developed greatly over the past few decades and its exponential rise in popularity has meant that it has become the definitive teaching system for most students who are working within the sphere of magick and the occult. At some point in their studies of the Tarot mostContinue Reading

Tarot Interactions by Deborah Lipp

A common error that is found in even professional Tarot readers is to view each card as an individual statement of potential activity or impending action. A good Tarot reader will see beyond these rather limited ideas and will understand that deeper interpretation is held within a Tarot spread—not soContinue Reading

Holistic Tarot by Benebell Wen

Most of the beginner guides to learning the Tarot focus upon the task of getting the student up and running as quickly as possible, All too often, though, this is at the expense of teaching key Tarot philosophy concepts. In her book Holistic Tarot, Benebell Wen takes this same traditionalContinue Reading

365 Tarot Spreads by Sasha Graham

Learning different Tarot spreads is probably one of those areas of Tarot divination that students of the cards probably focus on least. Other than the Celtic Cross Spread or 3 and 5 card spreads, it is relatively rare for even professional Tarot readers to use the more advanced spreads. ThisContinue Reading

Sacred Circle Tarot Deck by Anna Franklin and Paul Mason

From its very earliest appearance as a 16th century game of divination, the Tarot has drawn its symbolism from a well of universal themes and archetypes. So it is by no means heretical to place an additional, or contemporary, theme around the cards. This is exactly the approach that AnneContinue Reading

Mystical Cats Tarot by Lunaea Weatherstone

The Mystical Cats Tarot is a boxed-set, comprising of a 78-card deck (designed by Lunaea Weatherstone) accompanied by a large-format, 200-page explanatory book.The deck is based upon the standard Major Arcana, Minor Arcana and Court Cards with unique artwork by artist Mickie Mueller. The Cards The cards are a fairlyContinue Reading

Tarot Beyond the Basics by Anthony Louis

It is often said that learning Tarot is like learning to play chess. You can pick up the basics in a weekend but it takes a lifetime to master. Where the Tarot differs from chess though is that, whilst it is primarily a system of divination, working with the cardsContinue Reading