During the last week of May 2013 magickians Jenny and Donald Tyson attempted to contact the spirit of the Elizabethan occultist and alchemist Dr. John Dee (1527 – 1609) using a homemade spirit communication board. Their hope was that by making a connection to these legends of occultism they would glean a deeper understanding of Dee”s life, work and inContinue Reading

When Aleister Crowley’s personal secretary, Israel Regardie, died in 1985, his passing marked the end of an important era in English occultism. The impact that Regardie had when he rather contentiously brought the secret teachings of the Golden Dawn Society to a wider audience has ensured the survival of the tradition, even up to today. However, Regardie was born intoContinue Reading


The city of Berlin in the 1930s was fertile ground for advante-garde philosophers, artists, musicians and freethinkers—but it did not remain that way for long. By the end of the decade, it had turned very dark and the city that had once personified the very essence of social freedom was transformed into the epitome of political insanity. In those few,Continue Reading

As a society, we no longer really mark the transition points in life with due respect to our psycho-spiritual selves. Initiation, in the sense of marking a transition point in our lives, has, today, mainly become a byword for getting very drunk on the occasion of a birthday or being super-glued to a streetlamp in the nude on your stagContinue Reading

In recent years the legendary Aleister Crowley has attracted a growing fascination from a wide range of people for his life and his magickal work. This has led to a large number of books detailing his life and his spiritual philosophy. Some of the Crowley biographies have been good—others have been scurlious hatchet jobs, but each has brought to ourContinue Reading