There can be little doubt that whilst a great deal of today’s New Age spirituality distances itself from established religions such as Christianity it still harbours more than a thin connection to their traditional values. The most prominent example of this exists in the idea that in order to beContinue Reading

Woven within Buddhist teachings and the Buddha’s path of Awakening the student will find the process of developing the ‘boundless heart’. These are governed by the brahma viharas – or Four Immeasurables, which offer guidance for the cultivation of equanimity, joy, kindness and compassion. In her book on the subject,Continue Reading

There is no doubt that the previously deep-seated divisions between materialism and spirituality have eroded greatly over the past couple of decades. This has mainly come about through their joint acceptance of the premise that everything in our physical world is formed from energy. Where the two belief structures doContinue Reading

Continuing to believe that life is good, that your God loves you and that everyone in your life means you well — despite all evidence to the contrary, can be a Herculean task when events work to conspire against you at every turn. When life continues to throw at youContinue Reading

When the wife of Thomas Edison died the famous inventor became extremely fascinated in the concept of life after death. Being of a scientific mind he started to consider the possibility that he could create a machine that had the capability of communicating with the spirits of the deceased. EdisonContinue Reading

A communal subterranean yearning for wild woman spirituality is drumming beneath our feet, and this longing has been born of the feminine’ spiritual starvation. With those profound words artist, teacher, and writer Danielle Dulsky reveals the essential message contained within her book Woman Most Wild. So what, you might wellContinue Reading

Before she became an author and a minister, Reverend Maria Filipe was an actress, a model, and a TV sports presenter. Following an inward calling she changed her life-direction and studied at Pathways of Light which is an accredited religious school inspired by the book A Course in Miracles –Continue Reading

Lisa Smartt was amazed and then confused when her father, towards the end of his life and whilst dying from prostate cancer, began to communicate to others in strange and unrecognisable ways. A man who was essentially indifferent to spirituality and any thoughts of the afterlife her father started talkingContinue Reading

‘Just say no!’ has for several decades been the mantra of the ‘establishment’ in their well-meaning attempt to discourage drug use in the younger generation. Presented as the definitive statement on the subject by those in positions of authority its message is clear and unequivocal. ‘Drugs are bad. Why? Because weContinue Reading

Every generation of psychospiritual students have had their preferred stimulant of choice. From marijuana and LSD in the 1960s through to MDMA, DMT and psilocybin in subsequent decades; successive waves of consciousness explorers have used natural and manmade psychedelics as a way of speeding up spiritual development. The rising starContinue Reading

Your lifetime energy animal will be your guide, teacher and spiritual messenger throughout your incarnation and so befriending it, understanding its unique energy pattern, harnessing its power as well as learning the lessons it has to teach you is one of the most powerful and effective spiritual practices that weContinue Reading