Beautiful Painted Arrow Visionary Cards – The Path of the Red Road by Joseph Rael

Joseph Rael, whose name, Tsluu teh koy ay means “Beautiful Painted Arrow,” was born in 1935 on the Southern Ute reservation to a chief’s granddaughter and a Tiwa-speaking Picuris native.

Rael’s early connection with the Native American tradition enabled him to strengthen his visionary powers. These developed between the ages of 7 and 12 years and soon afterwards he began to assist the village holy man in their regular healing practices.

In 1983 Joseph received a vision in which he was told that he had work to do in bringing peace to humanity and the world. As a result he built a resonating Sound Peace chamber — a place in which people of all races could gather to chant and sing for world peace.

Today Joseph Rael and his healing chambers are known throughout the world but he is also widley known and respected for his work as an artist.

His paintings, like his ceremonies and teachings, are based on his visions and they have been called “portal” art, because they open a doorway into alternate dimensions of reality.

The Red Road

In The Path of the Red Road Rael has synthesised his spiritual philosophy and visionary art into an oracle deck that features twenty of his art pieces.

These cards have been designed by Rael so that they can be consulted in a ritual setting and as a way to provide help and guidance along the spiritual path.

What is the Red Road?

Rael believes that your personal power — as well as life purpose can be found on your Red Road. This pathway is delineated by one of the two primary divisions of the traditional Native American Medicine Wheel.

What is a Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel is effectively a circle containing a partitioning cross which marks out the four directions based upon the primary cardinal points.

The East is said to be the sphere of the mental body; the South is the emotional body; the West is the physical body and the North is the spiritual body.

It is the vertical line within the Wheel which connects the North and the South regions that is known as the Red Road. By opening yourself up to the influences of this path you invite the influence of the divine into your life.


The Beautiful Painted Arrow Visionary Art Cards by Joseph Rael come in attractive protective box along with the twenty high-quality, gloss cards and an accompanying explanatory booklet.

1 – Cards

The cards are printed on medium to light card stock with a semi-gloss finish. Each card features the artwork of Joseph Rael on one side and a seasonal attribution on the rear. The artwork is simple with an almost childlike quality to them.

2 – Book

The accompanying eighty-four page handbook or manual is also printed on equally high-quality paper. It includes an introduction to the cards, notes about the author, and a guide to the core basics of Rael’s divination system.

As guidance on using the cards the book also contains instructions on how to prepare for a reading as well as how to interpret the individual cards that are selected. It also contains a reproduction of each of the cards along with a page dedicated to the meaning behind each one.

Summing Up

Although this oracle initially appears at first to be relatively unsophisticated, as you begin to learn and understand it’s mode of operation the cards soon begin to reveal their deeper dynamics in new and enriching ways.

The core system calls upon iconography and terminology that, naturally, references the author’s Native American Tradition. However this does not mean that it is incomprehensible to those used to the Western spiritual tradition. Indeed it calls upon themes and concepts, such as the Four Functions of Carl Jung and the Four Directions of Paganism making it easy to enter into the spirit of this divination system.

All-in-all The Path of the Red Road is a first-class product — one that has clearly been both thoughtfully constructed and lovingly brought to life. I feel sure that for anyone who struggles with the complexities of many Western oracular/divination systems will thoroughly enjoy The Path of the Red Road for both its inherent simplicity and rich iconography.

It’s a little gem!