Chronicles of the Unexplained by Gary Gillespie

Some years ago Gary Gillespie bought a house for himself and his family at a way below market price. Nothing remarkable about that you might say and ordinarily this would be the case.

Let me leave it to Gary to explain further in tbe opening chapter to his book on paranormal encounters, Chronicles of the Unexplained: True Stories of Haunted Houses, Bigfoot & Other Paranormal Encounters.

In hindsight, I should have suspected something was wrong when I told the sellers they could take their time moving out. They still had a lot of items in the house…

The sellers insisted they would be out that evening, and they were.

Soon, it became apparanet exactly why the previous occupants had been in such a hurry to vacate the property when Gary and his family took up occupancy of the house and soon began to experience a series of terrifying paranormal encounters within and around the place.

Gary describes the often-harrowing encounters that they continued to have with many, almost demonic, forces but this is only the opening account in a book that then continues with a veritable catalog of strange and bizarre stories that recall real out-of-this-world events which ocurred to a succession of ordinary people who are living ordinary lives.

By the author’s own admission, while he found some of these accounts strange they were, in his opinion, relatively harmless experiences for those involved.

Unfortunately, others, he readily admits, were not so!

The first chapter of Chronicles of the Unexplained features recent paranormal experiences related to houses and homes throughout many quiet and unassuming parts of America.

The following chapter features a phenomenon that the author refers to as ‘vocational ghosts’ – discarnate spirits that visit people at work or whilst they are involved in doing their jobs.

Some of these cone from truck drivers, railroad men and oil workers—tough people working and living in harsh environments and who are not given over to being easily spooked.

Haunted places and creepy locations also feature in the book; including an area with strange electromagnetic qualities, places that come and go at will and areas of countryside that hold within them residues of previous ancient and historical events. In fact, one location featured in the book consisted of a whole haunted town!

Finally, the book features a section on the fascinating subject of cryptozoology, or the study of animals whose existence is unprovable in any accepted definition. This includes the legendary, and universally witnessed, Bigfoot.

All of these stories of bizarre and paranormal goings-on take place in a world that likes to think of the paranormal as a phenomenon of the past. Gary Gillespie proves this not to be the case; for, as the author summerizes at the end of his book.

We have gotten too fast for ourselves, to the point that we have not time to concentrate on what is really important in life. If you can hear messages, I suggest listening to them.


Chronicles of the Unexplained is a rip-roaring collection of stories based around a variety of paranormal events – experiences that were researched by the author or directly experienced by himself, his friends and other reluctant people he has coaxed into sharing their experiences.

So often books of this type are simply accounts of things that go bump in the night but this book, without exception, contains an endless succession of stories guaranteed to make your skin crawl and the hairs stand up in the back of your neck.

Some are so bizarre that you end up wondering just exactly what planet you are living on!

All of the stories are superbly well told and presented. As author Annie Wilder states in her introduction to this book, Gary Gillespie is …a natural storyteller with a great writing voice.

In this she is quite correct for Gary weaves such a wonderfully descriptive and atmospheric account of a world that is infinitely more strange than perhaps we would care to imagine.

With stories to chill the blood and quicken the pulse – sometimes both at the same time, Chronicles of the Unexplained highlights a paranormal world filled with as much strangeness as you can handle in one sitting. It is a disturbing and unsettling read but also one that is rivetingly compulsive!