Evidence of Eternity by Mark Anthony

Without death, life would have neither meaning nor relevance. It would simply fail to offer us a context within which to assess our physical experiences.

The question that arises is ‘what exactly is death like? Is there an afterlife? And, if so, what part does it play in the overall scheme of things?’

In Evidence of Eternity, author and psychic Mark Anthony, better known as The Psychic Lawyer™, explores the afterlife and offers his perspective on the world that he feels will greet us upon our demise.

The book is primarily a personal exploration into this fascinating subject. Consequently, it draws heavily upon the author’s many years and thousands of psychic readings for anecdotal evidence that there could well be an exciting and wonderful world waiting for us when we reach the final stages of our lives.

The book opens with one of Anthony’s many personal psychic and premonitional experiences. This one relates to his extra-ordinary premonition of the fall of the Twin Towers in New York in 2001 and the deeply harrowing recollection by his cousin when he was caught up in the carnage and destruction of the South Tower on that fateful day.

There is little doubt that true psychics are born and not created. This becomes evident as the author shares his family history, tracing back through previous generations of seers and psychics.

His mother, Jeannie, for example, was an extremely gifted psychic medium who was able to see spirits at a very young age. His father also had psychic abilities and acted as an open receiver of messages from the deceased which he picked up as thoughts in his head.

Anthony also had a psychic grandmother who would hold readings in her parla under the pretence of having an afternoon of playing bridge with some of her friends and acquaintances.

Anthony explains that, whilst several members of his family experienced premonitions of impending disasters, and learnt ways to avoid them, their skills often acted as double-edged swords being that they were surrounded by many who feared their skills and who attributed them to the works of the Devil.

Indeed, Anthony himself reveals that he too, even in this more enlightened day and age, has had to endure insults and criticisms from those who do not understand his psychic work and ability to commune with the spirits of the dead.

The author explains how despite the fact that we are controlled throughout this physical life by the principle of time, no such constraints exist in heaven. Those who have already died, no matter how long ago it was that they passed over, are still freely able to connect with us.

So then, what exactly is life like on the other side of he veil?

To answer this tough question, the author shares a number of psychic readings that he has carried out and presents a great deal of information regarding heaven passed to him by the spirits.

This includes insights into the various levels, or states of being, that exist on the otherside. Anthony describes this as ‘many different levels, where everyone and everything is connected energetically’.

This means that no one who dies is ever left alone and that, collectively, every being in the universe is interconnected energetically ‘in the vast, infinite ocean that transcends dimension, frequency, space and time’.

The author then considers the methods that the dead use to bring their existence to the attention of those loved ones that they have left behind. Very often, they achieve this by projecting through to our mundane experience a line from a song or a line from a movie that was significant in their lives.

Whilst many of the messages are literal, they are also sometimes symbolic with the deceased communicating their thoughts and ideas via allegory.

Anthony admits that the topic he is most asked about is reincarnation. He reflects upon the main concern that most people feel about death which is that they will not meet their loved ones again once they have passed over.

A generally held belief is that those who leave this world prematurely—usually through taking their own lives at a young age, will enter a state of purgatory and therefore will be uncontactable. Anthony takes the opportunity to reassure us that this is not the case.

As Evidence of Eternity draws to an end, the questions and issues that arise become increasingly philosophical. The author talks about the continuation of human consciousness and the path of return. He also deals with the difficult and emotive subject of the death of a child and the afterlife. For those dealing with such tragic circumstances in their own lives, the author offers specific advice to his readers as well as to those who might be suffering from the loss of a pet animal.

The book concludes with a discourse on religion, faith and Christ consciousness.


Not everyone believes in the afterlife. They would do if they read this book!

Throughout its pages, Mark Anthony comes over as a psychic medium with quite extra-ordinary skills. Many psychic mediums have written books about their experiences but very few are quite as enlightening or convincing as this one!

Interwoven with personal accounts of readings with clients and spiritual information gleaned from the spirits, Anthony creates a multi-dimensional image of life after death.

Whilst many of the stories that he tells are harrowing, and even shocking at times, they provide a rich and varied perspective on what is often seen as a taboo subject.

Despite this, Mark Anthony soldiers on in his quest to find the truth and the result is a life that is extremely rich and varied. Some of the storeis that he includes in this book are priceless along with the extra-ordinary insights that he gleans from the lives of the people that he meets both as a psychic medium and defence lawyer.

The result is a book that is immensely readable, extremely thought provoking and richly rewarding.

A gloriously challenging journey of insight and revelation for anyone seeking to understand the afterlife.