Ghosts of Lincoln by Adam Selzer

Over many years Adam Selzer has amassed a huge collection of information on the life and strange, paranormal circumstances that have surrounded Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865).

In his book, Ghosts of Lincoln: Discovering His Paranormal Legacy, he shares some of his research into one a man whose life and violent death has fascinated the American public for a very long time.

In the opening to his book Adam expresses the opinion that ‘It’ fair to say that Lincoln haunts the United States, whether as an actual ghost, as several different ghosts, or as just a strange , unknowable presence in our collective mind and memory.

Readers may not be aware that Lincoln had a psychic aspect to his nature which was formed early on in his life. Selzer suggests that even as a youngster Lincoln had a respect for the importance if dreams, omens and visionary experiences.

He also, apparently, had an interest in folk medicine which appears to have, in part, determined his political stance for through an understanding of the ways and spiritual traditions of the common folk that strengthened his respect for their rights – a philosophy that also translated itself into Lincolns’ desire to see the end of slavery in the United States.

Selzer traces many events spent leading up to Lincolns election as the nations president and catalogs some if the odd premonitions and visions that Lincoln had regarding his own tragic demise some years later.

Oddly enough, Selzer records that Lincoln appearred not only to predict his death but that it would take place at the hands of an unknown assassin.

This period in American history, circa. mid-1800s, witnessed a rise in national interest into the subject of spiritism and so perhaps Lincoln’s deathly premonitions were not so startling as might ordinarily be the case given that so many people were keen on contacting the dead via mediums at that time.

Indeed, Selzer does record that Lincoln appears to have taken a great deal of spiritual advice during his time in office and third party commentaries suggest that seances were in fact held for Lincoln and his wife at the White House.

Even after his death at the hand of Johm Wilkes Booth (1838-1865). There were many reports of paranormal activity and ghostly encounters that appeared to be directly connected to the assassination of Lincoln at Fords’ Theatre in Washington D.C.

In fact, as soon as Lincoln died and his state funeral was held many odd events realted to his passing started to circulate including sightings of a ghost of his funeral train as well as accounts of bizarre goings-on around the dead presidents tomb.

It is perhaps not too surprisng though, given the mood and mediumistic interests of the nation at that time, that the spirit of Lincoln started to come through seances and mediumistic readings.

As Selzer explains towards the end of his book the ghost of Lincoln has also appeared in a number of different locations including the White House where both presidident Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill witnessed sightings of the dead president as well as many subsequent occupants of the building since tbe second world war.

It seems that the memory of Lincoln lives on in the memories of the nation and that he is making sure that no one forgets him in a hurry!


The life of President Abraham Lincoln has captured the modern imagination in ways that no other American presidents have – other perhaps than John F. Kennedy.

Whilst nearly every aspect of Lincoln has been dissected and subjected to microscopic analysis the spiritual aspects of Lincoln and those who were closely connected to him, has not been closely documented but is superbly and thoroughly presented by Adam Selzer in Ghosts of Lincoln.

For those readers who enjoy finding out about about this pivotal period in American history, the Zeitgeist of the age and the impact that Lincoln had on American politics this book offers the sort of insight that you will be hard pushed to find elsewhere but for those who simply enjoy a good ghost story and paranormal mysteries this book offers even more.

In ‘Ghosts of Lincoln’ Adam Selzer delivers a powerful aura of mystery and intrigue surrounding a man whom many regard, even today, as predominantly logical and reasoning in everything that he did. This book tells a slightly different story as well as presenting an altogether more human side to Lincoln – a man who was haunted throughout his time in public office by the prospect of his own violent demise. The atmosphere and the strong paranormal environment that appears to have permeated all levels of society at that time make for an interesting portrayal of a man who may indeed have got caught up in dark forces that determined his eventual destiny.

Written in an enthralling style – with illustrations and personal insights, anecdotal evidence and published references, ‘Ghosts of Lincoln’ by Adam Selzer makes for a book about a genuine paranormal mystery that does not fail to both excite and entertain throughout.