Holistic Energy Magic by Tess Whitehurst

For those magickians, shamans/shamankas and lightworkers who are active participants in the unfolding mysteries of our Universe the idea that ‘everything is energy’ is a core tenet that underpins their magickal and spiritual philosophies.

But what of those who do not engage in practical energy-work—how is it possible to engage with these same natural forces and to use them to our benefit in our daily lives?

Holistic Energy Magic: Charms & Techniques for Creating a Magical Life by Tess Whitehurst offers the newcomer to the practice of energy-work a practical, hands-on approach to the subject. The intent of its author is to help the reader develop an invisible, magickal, toolbox of techniques and skills which anyone, no matter their level of occult training, can employ whenever needed.

Tess is an intuitive counsellor, energy worker, feng shui consultant as well as an award-winning author. In Holistic Energy Magic she establishes the basis upon which her book is founded by saying: Becoming conscious of the vibrations within and around you, and learning to shape and channel them according to your will, you begin to attune your life to the frequency of your truest and most authentic desires.

Tess opens her book by explaining the core principles behind the process of manifestation; which is to visualize your wishes, emotionalize your response and act with expectation and grateful expectation of their arrival.

She also reveals that at the very core of this type of magick is a deep alignment with the Divine and the framework that the author uses as a basis to making this connection is that of the five elements—earth, air, fire, water and spirit.

And so to the concept of the personal magickal toolbox—a set of tools that you can take everywhere with you and which can be employed at a moments notice—indeed, they aught and should be employed on a regular basis to strengthen them and improve their efficacy.

Tess has tried, above all else, to make Holistic Energy Magic a manual of practical instruction. To this end she offers exercises such as The Cauldron of Lilac Fire, the use of fingers as a wand, the Emerald Heart of Healing, Palms of Power, The Mirrored Sphere, and Elemental Tools as powerful techniques that can be employed.

Color and light are also important components of energy work and so she dedicates a section of the book in explaining the use, application and associations connected to a range of color styles; light, dark and flecked.

From this Tess Whitehurst also advises her readers on the correct use of crystals—ranging from amethysts through to quartz, lapis lazuli through to moonshine, in energy work. Later on this is expanded to include the use of flowers, herbs and incense.

From the natural world to the spiritual world Tess then moves into offering advice on how it is possible to invoke the benevolence of inner plane guides and spirits. These include the pantheon of archangels, guardian angels, protection angels for the home, Eastern, Greek, Egyptian and Celtic deities

Other, less common guardians such as the ascended masters, deceased love ones, and faeries are also featured.

When it comes to determining the degree to which we are connected to the Universe most people tend to look for large and impressive acts or miracles. However, as the author points out it is very often the smallest and simplest displays of divine intervention that are the most significant and so she points to outer symbols and visitations as indicators that the universe is responding to our magickal work.

The Universe also communicates with us on an inner level and, when it does, it is usually in a symbolic form. This is a linguistic process that most commonly expresses itself through our dreams but also through oracles and divination.

These practical techniques eventually draws the reader to the end of part one of Holistic Energy Magic. Part two then builds upon these lessons and includes a series of specific techniques for employing magick. This includes, cleansing and clearing techniques, protection and shielding astral cord-cutting smudging

Holistic Energy Magic: Charms & Techniques for Creating a Magical Life closes with a bibliography and an index.


Today, it is all too common for students of spirituality to think that simply taking a passive approach to such esoteric subjects as manifestation that this is sufficient for creating either a better physical life or stronger spiritual one.

It isn’t—and, as the old adage goes, God loves a trier.

Holistic Energy Magic: Charms & Techniques for Creating a Magical Life about those who want to get up off their etheric backsides and get their feet wet at the waters of low-grade magick. In this it works well and I am sure that many will thoroughly enjoy reading and working with the techniques on offer here.

The titles of the chapters somewhat reveal whom this book is aimed at—Love Goddess Magic, Success and Prosperity, Magic for our Animal Friends, Divine Mother Magic and Secrets to Your Success; which is mainly the ladies—or those with a connection to the Goddess. This does not make the book inaccessible to the men but it is rather more based around Moon/Venus energies than the traditional masculine energy streams such as those of Jupter/Mercury/Mars.

The books’ narrative is excellent and Tess Whitehurst does an polished job of presenting these magickal techniques in a practical and easy to understand way. The content is also well structured and the book remains engaging from the start to finish. In fact, despite the fact that it is over 250 pages long, I was still quite enthusiastic by the conclusion of the book to read on and find out more about the authors thoughts and ideas.

There is a definite need for this type of book in todays modern spirituality market and I am so pleased that the deepening spiritual inquisitiveness of the movement is increasingly working towards this type of ‘hands-on’ approach to light magick. If you are interested in pursuing this type of path then I thoroughly recommend this book as a great place to start your journey.

Holistic Energy Magic weaves a colorful and enticing thread through modern practical energy work. It is a book that breathes everyday magick into our lifeless culture and its mundane daily routines.